New character that was introduced in the Pepper and Carrot comic. Advertising, demand, and price notes for my econ100 class.


Making choices on what products to produce. List of alt choices.


No thick to thin. Must of unplugged the tablet and not noticed. If this happens the best way to fix the issue is to close GIMP and reopen.


Wendy was the model at Life Drawing Hamilton. This was the final two drawings I did of her for the day. I left life drawing early as I wanted to get home before school finished.


Wendy long post. Jaged edges with the pen tool. It really makes a difference to the flow of the image if I am able to create thick/thin lines.


It had been months since I had attended life drawing. It was certainly a challenge getting back into it. The small Pi screen does not help. I am hoping to buy a larger monitor for the Pi soon.


Warmup poses. Starting with writing life drawing hamilton and the date - March 3rd along the top of the page.


Microeconomics notes. These were mostly taken from a intro to economics podcast I listened to. There were 15 episodes and they were around 20 minutes each. I may go back and listen to them in the future.


Notes from class on the difference between Normal and Inferior goods. Normal you buy more if income up, and less if income down. Inferior - you buy more if income down and less if income up.


There is a new Pepper and Carrot comic - number 21. I always like to redraw the enviorments in the comic - this time it was the stadium. Castles and pillars.


Pepper and Carrot. Episode 21: The Magic Contest.


Notes from ECON100 on course overall.


ECON100 notes. Substitutes and Complementary. Coke and Pepsi are substitutes. If you buy one - you are not going to buy the other. Hot dog/Hot dog bun. This is a complementary. These items go together.


ECON100 examples and skills to pass the course. Be curious.


ECON100 Topic 1: Introduction. What is Economics.



Concepts of Economics. I am doing ECON100 through Waikato Uni. These are notes that I have been taking from wikieducater.


More notes for ECON100. Here I am looking at the equations. Portrait of Lessig on the top right.


Larry 2020. Text taken from xkcd comic. Writing a short story on Lessig for my next writers group. One of the prompts was You're Fired so I looked at the 2016 election and those that stood for President.


Beatlejuice. Grim Little Prraire House. This was the theme for Concept Art EOW.


Just drawing. No notes. Character in the middle of the page. Landscape below. Landscape in the distance.


Sharp teeth in the mouth on the left. Water below. Landscape in the distance.


Character on the top right with wave lines coming out of his forehead.



Portrait of Bernie Saunders. Only drew his eyes and nose then ended up just doodling.


This was created when watching Man in the High Tower season 2


Large rectangle shape with lots of small circles. Landscape at the bottom


Notes from Hamilton Computer Club Feb 2017. Had someone from NeedaNerd come and do a talk. It was a good overall of whats hing


SketchDaily figure studies. Life Drawing Hamilton will startup again in March. Warmups for that.



Collab piece with mr3. His lines are thin and straight. Focusing on the centre of the image.


Playing with shapes. Repeating usual patterns. Long horizontal rectangle filled with circles.


Ideas from Fall Of Copy. Novel started in November 2016. Currently editing the rough draft. Cut.


gst-switch. Software based system for interactive live mixing of incoming video streams, designed for needs of conference recording. Sketched when watching Linux Conf Aus 2017 videos. Do go check the talks out.


HDMI2USB. Open video capture hardware + firmware. Sketched diagram of setup. Artistic twist.


Issac Grayscale. Grayscale layer of the life drawing. Cut off forehead. Black circles are beard. Darker area on arm is tattoos.


Issac Line. Line layer of the life drawing. Detail on the fake tattoos. No background. Arm resting on nothing.


Novel idea after watching season 2 of The Man in The High Tower. Oceanic.


More novel ideas and sketches of objects connected.


Tims Videos Streaming System. Sketch of the board. Some areas missing and unclear.



Color layer of the toy car and looney tunes character. Didn't cover the whole page but just key areas. Matched up colors of the car with the paint color.


grayscale layer of toy car and looney tunes character.


line layer of toy car and looney tunes character. I asked someone for a request to draw and they gave me a childs car toy to draw. It was fun - something different that I usually would never draw. I love requests. Included also is a Loony Tunes character - this was drawn from a reference image.


dns line. Random doodles as usual.


hello. can you hear me.


zalando content that I forgot to include in the previous post.


grayscale layer of the Zalando content. Focus on key and important areas.


Zalando line layer.


I have been working on the Zalando API. Have been looking for a Fashion API for sometime and very happy with this. This artwork was creating in between breaks of writing code.


grayscale layer. Portrait on the left and building out from there. Didn't finish everything


Line layer. Connecting circles with rectangles


landscape along the top left. Continue with pipe and square ideas



Zalando ideas. Been improving the api and went further with sketching ideas and brainstorming. Text is from their website


Continue Zalando brainstorm. Menu, script, item ideas.


zalando written in top left. Robots and landscapes


Goals of the api. Landscapes. Water is everywhere.



line. water in lower area. figure on the right.


Stamp of a brush created. A grayscale portrait. It's scaled down so unable to notice it. Portraits and squiggles in background.


Several empty areas - lower left.


Grayscale tonal layer of the churchhill line drawing. Church darkest area and mid tones surrounding.


Line layer of churchhill. Church building on the left. This was created when watching season three of American Horror Story. A character figure on the right.


A full page of line. Focusing on circles - adding a X to the centre of the circles.


EOW Datacentre. For I like to look at the prompts but do not submit. Maybe it's something that I should do.


Character in top left with guitar. Portrait and figure on the right


Portrait on the top left.


Portrait in lower left. Legs on the top right. Legs are something that I need to draw more often.


Line layer. Landscape in the background with all the usual elements.


Asked for a request. Was given the prompt Nachos. Lots of triangles.


Just a warmup portrait. Glasses. Tentacles coming out of the face.


very minimal portrait. star on the bottom left.


spikes. spikes everywhere


Color version of the WellyFigure from the previous post. Yellow for skin. Pink for clothing. Green for water. Green for objects in background. Blue for the sky.


The first update in months. I have not attended life drawing since September. In November my Raspberry Pi 7 inch TFT broke along with losing the pen. I have recently replaced the pen but not the TFT. Instead I am using the old 3.5 inch broken screen. It's not as easy to use as the larger offical screen - but better than nothing. I have also been using the Pi connected to a normal monitor - though this is not portable.

Here are several pieces of artwork that I have created since I got a new pen.


This was drawn when I was working on the NBA api. I wrote a script that downloaded gifs for each NBA team. If I was to go back and extend it further I would merge gifs with player names.


ConceptArt Environment of the Week. Interior or exterior of a market vendor selling weapons in the middle ages. I didn't end up drawing anything but it's a good warmup.


Landscape and shapes, portrait and house on a hill. Alien like create standing on a rock in the water.


Friends children portrait. Photo was taken in the middle of December. Like usual I made them look much older than they really are.


Grayscale tonal layer. Issues with their ears and who goes in fron of who. In the end - made the boy in front with the girl slightly behind. Light backgground with no detail.


Colour tonal layer. Yellow for the skin, red for the hair and mouth. Red was used for the darker areas of the nose but it should be a darker yellow. Blue for the background. Green for the boys tshirt, and pink for the girls.


Landscape. Creature to the left. Waves leading into the foreground.


Grayscale tonal. Light for the sky in the distance. Mid dark for everything else.


Girl holding a mic. Usual background


Grayscale tonal. Standing on a darker area.


Line layer overtop of the mic girl grayscale tonal layer. Replaced the girl with a spike creature.


Reference was a old wellington painting - one of my favorites. Replaced the figure with a new figure.


Grayscale tonal layer of the Wellington figure.


I made it to Life Drawing on Friday. It had been quite a few weeks since I had last attending so it was great to be there. Will not make it the next two weeks due to being out of Hamilton.

The model was Laure a French girl who I had never drawn before. It was her first time modelling for the group - but she was experienced so easy to draw.


Warm up poses. These were all similar standing poses - which is no problem as I am able to fit them onto a single page. Tried to capture the whole body - which I managed to in in a couple.


Two poses. A sitting pose and a standing pose. Her hand is leaned against a chair which made it more interesting. Started drawing the tables in the background. Model wasn't in the usual spot - was missing a heater so moved her closer to one of the wall heaters. This was fine for me as I had forgotten one of my battery packs so has to plug into the power of the venue.


A front on sitting pose and a back pose. Back poses are often hard as there is much less detail to capture - especially if the model is curled up in a ball. I'm happy with the front pose though - captured her whole body (except for cutting off her forehead).


The sitting pose was long so I had time to create a grayscale layer. Whenever I do this it causes me to look again at the model and notice all the mistakes that the line layer had. Always important to keep looking at the model!


Color layer. I believe this is the first time I've done a color layer along with the usual line and rare grayscale layer at Hamilton Life Drawing. The usual saved color palette - yellow for skin, slightly more black in the yellow for darker areas of the skin. Red for the hair, and blue for the background.


These were the final three poses. I like the standing pose on the left - although she looks short. Love the large head though.


Sorry for the lack of posts this month. Since WoW: Legion launched I've been at my Brothers focused on levelling both his toons and my own to 110. After the burst I am sick of playing it and need to get back into usual patterns.

It's been weeks since I have attended Life Drawing Hamilton but plan on attending this Friday - so expect another post this weekend with life drawings.

I found out through ccanz that Authors Alliance was coming to Hamilton and I attended the talks. Here are the notes that I took during the session.


Start of the session. I made it to the session just in time. Michael Wolfe the Executive Director of Authors Alliance introduced himself and his organisation and the topics that would be talked about during the workshop.


Wolfe talked about Creative Commons and the licences. Majority of this material I knew but it's always great and informative to get a fresh perspective on the licences. Gratis vs Libre was interesting as well. I had to bring up the CC Zero licence (it's something that CC seem to keep quite hidden also). I forgot to mention CC Public Domain which is a licence you can attach to let people know that the content is in the public domain.

Moving on from CC into contracts which is something I have zero experience with - so great learning for me.


I ran out of power part way during the workshop and the other was charging at my Brothers so this was the last of the notes from the workshop.


I really like the idea of the requirement of renewing copyright. This allows works to fall into Public Domain early unless the Copyright holder really wants to extend it.


TPP notes. Interesting but some of it made me sad - especially of exporting of bad American laws such as DRM and extending copyright to life + 70 years. Would love to see Fair Use introduced here in New Zealand.


Drawing I did at Brothers - mostly WoW related references.


After the TPP talk I attend Hamilton Python User Group. Ian spoke about the Evolution of a Python Program, followed by Lawrances introduction to Python. I ended up drawing mostly.


Another sketch completed at Brothers.

I've now joined Authors Alliance and volunteered (in much the same way I do for ccanz). You should join also! Expect to see more posts in the future mentioning them.