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Spending the majority of my time mucking around with Linux. I'm now using Fedora on the majority of my machines.

I certainly have not been drawing but here is a digital painting I did the other day:



Global Game Jam Painting


This past weekend I did the Global Game Jam. Sadly I didn't make a game but I did create art assets (and a mp3 of interviews). You can view the repo on github: ggj14

Here's the artwork:

wave-color wave-bw title-linetitle-bw title-color  tile-cross pole-linepole-bw pole-color  girl-line girl-colorgirl-bw  concept

Game Of Thrones - Digital Drawing

Hello. Hope you are having a great new year.

Here are digital drawings of several character from the Game Of Thrones television show. I have been working on a game in Unity of the show - I started with 3d modeling but felt the need to go back and produce digital drawings. I plan to take these drawings into Blender and produce some 3d models.

Enjoy -

dragon2-line dragon woman and one of her dragons

dragon-line dragon woman sitting on the iron throne

king-line Joffrey Baratheon

Here's the video:

Janelles Party Drawings

The following drawing were created way back in 2010. I went to tlc with a girl l called Janelle and took a small a5 sketchbook to a party  or hers. When I take my book out people always get hold of it and draw.

Ill likely never see these people again, but here are their drawings