Artwork from the past week. Had the Wacom drawing tablet connected to the Raspberry Pi 3 that is attached to a large television. Still have the portable Raspberry Pi with touch screen but it's nice to work on a large monitor - especially for tonal and color layers.

Majority of this artwork is digitising pencil drawings from 2012/2013.


Working vertical. Line drawing reference included works from Levin, Wellington, Auckland and RedditGetsDrawn portraits.


Grayscale tonal layer of my old school in Levin. Unlike the previous artwork this is just one pencil drawing reference.


The line layer of Levin North School drawing. I added extras to the drawing including triangles and waves at the bottom of the artwork.


A Pepper and Carrot artwork. The reference was a pencil comic strip of Pepper and Carrot in the desert. I added legs to Pepper and remixed the logo. Pepper was drawn again from a pencil reference.


Montage of traced pencil enviorment drawings - Levin, Wellington, South Island, and Auckland. Two portraits (four people) from RedditGetsDrawn.


Artwork from the past week. Taking old pencil street enviorments into GIMP along with life drawing on Friday.


Taking an old pencil sketch into GIMP. The location is Courtney Place in Wellington. Have been digitising lots of Pepper and Carrot sketches so it has been a natural process to take my own pencil drawings into GIMP.


Grayscale layer. Whenever I use to digitise pencil work I would always create a grayscale layer. My favourite area is the traffic lights and the courte sign.


Colour layer. Using more green than I use to and in different areas such as the figure. Yellow is used for the buildings roof and walls. The floor and sky - blue.


I partook in a Twitter chat last week - create lounge and have started listening to the podcast. This was my warm up drawing in life drawing on Friday - I was listening to an episode.


Hamilton line. Again digitising pencil drawing this time it's at Garden Place. The structure is a stage. I added details such as triangles.


Hamilton grayscale. Attempted to keep details in areas such as the structures triangles.


Three drawings of Mia from life drawing on Friday. Included is a portrait of someone new I drew from the backgroup. Sometimes I wish we had multiply models!


Mia looking towards the right. Again in the background added portrait from someone in the class. Lots of white space that a landscape could of been added to.


Two drawings of Mia. The legs are extra large in the foreground and I am happy with the shape of the feet.


Four drawings of Mia.


Warm ups of Mia. Attempted to capture the whole body. Needed to make sure that the portrait was small enough to fit everything else in.


Grayscale Levin street drawings merge. Took 4 different pencil drawings I created this art montage.


The line layer of the Levin street drawings merge.


Shopping centre in Palmerston North. Final pencil drawing digitise for this post.


Palmy Pillar line. Traced over pencil sketch that was drawn in Palmerston North.


Created at my brothers place. Started as a portrait of Pepper and then let an imagination over. Landscapes, spikes, waves.


No lifedrawing during this week due to attending EdChatNZ conference 2016. Here is the artwork from the conference along with recent Pepper and Carrot artwork.


Drawing the intro slide with wifi/password and conference sponsors. Beginning notes on the school - history and the current status.


The start of EdChatNZ conference 2016. Location this year was Rototuna Junior Highschool (RJHS) , which meant it was walking distance for me.
Notes and drawings continued from the talks given by senior management of RJHS. I found the modules system interesting - mixing subjects together - maths/PE, art/science. Several teachers collaborate together to teach the modules.


The first keynote was a tech driven look into current tech trends and where it is going in the future. Slides moved quickly but I was able to capture a few portraits from the slides.


The 2nd keynote. This was slower than the previous but still a great talk, just a change of pace. Looked at tech people in the past and their predictions of the future. Quite a few videos in this keynote.


This was drawn in the cafe on Saturday. I attempted to open the warcraft mobile app to create auctions. Sadly it didn't open and I was stuck in the login screen. I think the school must of blocked ports to in order to stop students from playing video games. Stuck on the loading screen I ended up drawing it.


Notes and drawings from the student talk. It was similar to the talks senior management had given - but a students perspective. Along with an excellent talk we were given tours of the school from the students.


Drawn at Hamilton Python Usergroup on Monday. Shame that EdChatNZ happened afterwards - could of handed out Python pamphlets (especially to those Hamilton teachers). Still I talked to several Hamilton teachers and invited them along to the Python User Group. It would be great if all teachers had a better understanding of computer science!


Line layer tracing of original pencil drawing from the E18 episode of Pepper and Carrot. Something different!


A grayscale layer of E18. Of course detail was removed but it's always satisfying to get a grayscale layer finished - especially with env.


Another Pepper and Carrot line art - this time from an early episode. The focus is still on the env but several figure are in the scene.


The third and final line tracing. This was from E02 - Peppers home.


Grayscale layer of Peppers home, I like how the smoke gets darker as it rises.