Church Levin Mall Sketch

Pencil Sketches from various locations in Levin. This sketchbook is taking me sometime to get though. I'm only using reference in it - majority are these pencil street drawings. View from a chair in a local Church. I attended with my Father and Filipino family. The view is the inside corner of the church and windows. Someone stood in the view for sometime so I was able to capture them - certainly helps with the scale.  Top left is a painting on the wall. Two figures. Below are curtains and such. I didn't have time to finish this off - the scene changed somewhat when people were packing up, curtains were closed etc. I lost the scene I was drawing and stopped. I guess this is why I enjoy drawing those street scenes. Nothing changes. A view of the swimming pool in Levin. Here you can see the hydra slide weaving down. The rights side of the hydro slide view. Mostly trees here. People often tell me they like my tree drawings View of Levin Mall carpark. Some tone added in areas - the pole and mountain. I've drawn this scene many times before, but every time it's very different. On the right tis a sign telling people to drive carefully. Behind this, plants and trees. to the left a stop sign, and part of a mountain continued from previous page. I've really started getting back into tone here, covering the tree on the left, pole and mountains with it. This is a view of sitting on Queen Street. Lights scaling off into the distance with branches of trees behind. Plants and a car at the bottom. Something that isn't Levin. This is a view in Foxton. I went to Foxton with my Father to help a friend cut down trees. This is the view when I was having lunch. I was looking down towards a church. The 2nd half of the Foxton church view. Not so much information in this. Wire stretched across the page. Quick sketch I did at my Grandmas place. I didn't get much artwork done when I was there, spending most of my time playing Torchlight 2 

Cuba Street Painting October

It's been several days since my last post. I've been on a trip to visit my Grandma. I got a bit of drawing done there - still need to scan the works in though. I was spose to scan it at Mums this afternoon - but forgot. I'll try to get it done tomorrow so I can get some drawings uploaded. Here's a recent digital painting I did in GIMP of Cuba Street. Complete with video of the painting and narration. Enjoy. Grayscale painting of the scene. Reference was a drawing I did on Cuba Street. It's modified somewhat - added areas. This took 20 minutes.  The finished color painting.

Video with narration. Great pratice doing the narration - it took me several attempts. Mostly talk about colors.

Reddit Sketchdaily - End Sept

Hello. It's been sometime since I have done the Reddit SketchDaily challanges. End of last year I was doing them regularly. But I got sick it. Lately I've tried to get back into it, just for something more. September 24th - I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends. I choose to draw my friend Amanda. I met Amanda during my time at TLC. I had used these colors before in other paintings. It was nice to work from a photo reference - something different to the usual drawing reference. September 25th - Organic-ification. The idea behind this was to create a organic vechal. I started with a basic car design and colored with these tree inspired colors. I could of gone further and tried to make the car more tree like. September 26th - Gradients. I took a recent drawing I did of a family friend - Hannah into gimp. Since the theme was gradients I used a light and dark of each color. This is my favorite of the set. Here's a video of me painting two of these. Sadly the video of Amandas painting became corrupt.

Levin Cinema Painting

Took a recent sketch from my sketchbook into GIMP and did a digital paint over. I recorded the painting and uploaded it to Youtube- with a voice narration over it. I'll make these a regular feature, It's a good habit to get into. Anyway, onto the painting.

I started with applying line to a recent pencil sketch. The view was of the mall carpark. I started with a 20 px pen and decreased it to 5 px for the detailed areas - especially on the left. The final painting. Here I've painted over with tone and removed the line layer. Looking at this now - I could have added more darks to areas - especially the tree and skyline. Video of the painting - with voice narration. Have a great day.

Pencil Levin Mall

Spent most of my time this weekend at my Mums place - gave me a chance to scan in drawings that I've done recent around Levin. These are all drawn in my Landscape journal - sticking with just pencil. I used a HB lead - and two different pencils - my normal clutch pencil and a new .5 mm Mecanical pencil. I'm very impressed with the tiny and delecate lines that can be produced with the mecanical pencil - Reminded me I need keep sharpaned the clutch pencil. A view I've drawn several times - it's the view of the mall carpark. I started with drawing the lamppost and continued from there. The building in the background is the new community center - it will be open at the end of September. I used a simple straight line for this building but decided to develop other areas further with tone - the lamp post and the view of the ranges in the far background. For the leaves in the trees I choose to use circles - great way to practice curved lines. Second page of the drawing. The edge of the building, followed by the vew of ranges,  trees (to capture the leaves I just drew the overall shape). Branches are always the most fun. The closest lamp pole weaves amoungst these trees. Perspective! Same view as the privious drawing - but focusing on a different area. The camera has been lowered and turned to the left. I had problems with guessing the perspective and scale This side is very minimal. Trees stop and the building continues.  This was captured when sitting in the bus stop in Levin. Where the car is the exit and entry for the mall. A large tree sits on the corner with the cinema just fitting in on the right.The large street lights in the middle is one of my favorite objects I've captured. There is something about the looseness of the line that helps it stand out. Plenty of signs. Focal Point Cinema. I changed the signs somewhat - which mucked up the measuring. The sign on the left should be only two lines - but I've made it four. I focused on the roof - capturing the square shapes that poke up. The line in the back are the coragated iron shape.  View looking towards the swimming pool. I'm sitting on a chair with a CCTV camera hoovering overhead. It feels very invative being riabove the chair. The pole with signs on is a major part of this - signs pointing off into various directions. Queen Street, <- P, and showing the direction of a nearby old folks home. The pillars along the bottom is an archway entry. Trees scale off into the background with a street light pole and part of the playgound. Back of a sign in the forground. This was part of the roundabout. Several trees in the middle - towards the right is a street pole and behind that the swimming pool building.   View is from a seat in Rose gardens. The view is looking out towards the town clock. I started with the clocktower then building the forground,  before finally including the tree in the forground. This certainly helps with scale.  Trees. Building is here, but only minimal in the bottom left. The main focus here was the branches. I didn't get everything correct - but just made it up and hoped it would look alright! 

Painting Cuba St Videos

Here's a quick digital painting I worked on tonight. I've finally got CamStudio working correctly - I want to record games and art. I own a decent microphone, it just needs a stand. Will pick one up sometime. The microphone on my old white headset is decent for now. For now there is no sound in the videos. Maybe put on some Pandora? It had been a long time I had just painted in GIMP without tracing over an image. Helpful to start creating original paintings in GIMP using my drawings as a reference rather than just a tracing tool. Enjoy New colors, new approach. The reference I used for this was a sketch in Wellington - on Cuba Street. Instead of tracing over I used the sketch as visual reference. My tones are certainly stronger - It has a more painty feel! In terms of colors - love how the green and yellow blend together beautiful. I will keep with these colors and work on a series.  This is my test palette for colors. I made this after to display the colors I used. I ended up mixing some new colors to work with as well. These may be used in a later painting. Here are the videos: The color test video. Part one of Cuba Street painting. In this I work with just gray-scale. And finally Part two of Cuba Street painting. In this I add color. If you have not already - Humble Bundle 6 just came out.

Concept Pencil Cuba 2

Part two of my Wellington drawing. These have just been sitting on the server so about time to post and show. All in pencil, drawn early September around Wellington.

Cuba Street. Including a tree that winds its way though the work. Trees are fun to draw. I especially like the one with just branches - much easier! When it comes to lots of leaves I've been just trying to capture the overall shape of the tree rather than focus on details. Left side of the page. This is another Cuba Street work - looking out towards the end of the street (Op side of Hells Pizza). Behind the street poles and security cameras you can see the council buildings. The most successful areas in the are the poles. The most successful areas is the bottom left Manners St sign. Cropping that area works.The right side - not so much. It's a mess and the lines aren't confident. I have nothing to work with.  Tree on Cuba Street. including some tone! These last few have been developed further to include some tonal areas - something I haven't done for awhile with street pencil works. I like this one. It's one of the few to include people. People always help scale - especially against that large tree. In the background to the right is an advertising stand Someone commented that they liked the Cuba reversed. But that's whats there. Here I've used some colored pencils that I picked up from the French Art Shop. I am have mixed views on these pencils - especially when it comes to the lack of detail in the line. It would be nice to have much finer detailed colored pencil that allowed me to create lines the same as HB pencil. I'm sure there is something out there.  Shops on Cuba Street. This is a mess. Especially on the right and the bottom left is lacking information. Good that I managed to capture a figure. I was sitting right in front of this sign. Takes up most of the page but helps scale from the shop front. In the background, a govt 'NO' sign.

Lynn Mall to Blender Model

I've been super busy in Blender. It's been a blast. PolyCount has been a big inspration. I feel things are starting to move forward. This post shows a scene I worked on yesterday with building stairs and a hand rail - using Concept artwork I drew in Auckland. I want to model more of my works in Blender - my skills will improve! The digital painting I used for inspration in the 3d work. I didn't copy it excatly but instead took the essence of it - the stairs, hand rail and pillar shapes. The scene developed as I worked on it - adding items that were not in the original scene. Creative freedom allows this!  Overall view of the scene - this was badly modeled and when it came to texturing it was a disastore. I used this as a first draft and remodeled the scene so I was able to texture it. Same scene. This is the ground view. I wanted to hand paint the entire scene. I enjoy digital painting and UV painting is something I need to learn. The remodeled scene. I basically split the scene up into areas, in the first scene it was all one big mesh - here it's split into tiny meshes to work with - the floor - three walls - several cubes for the internal walls, and the stairs. I just re-added the power poles and made them a more interesting with tilting (notice right) Ground view of the scene. On the right is the power pole - I added several more polys to it. I think a texture will be best though. Animation of the scene. I wanted to give first person a go. It would be super cool to add limbs and such to the first person view. So you felt you were really there. I read a great post on Reddit the other day discussing Why do developers generally not like to implement feet and torso for 1st person view?. I'll like to explore the first person view further.

Feature others

Hello. I want to start a new feature where I post features of others. Where this be a video game I'm playing, some artwork I've seen, or someone to interviews.   Ideas id like to do Podcast - record skype More digital recording. Getting other to do a communetery over it. Get interviews with other. several of my favorite websites

Street Sign

Update on Blender works. I've started taking ideas from my sketches and modeling them in Blender. Since I so often draw street scenes it's about time I work on creating them from my art. Real streets, drawn, then re-imagined in a 3d environment. I wanted something simple that I could repeat - so I modeled a power pole and a light. Buildings were build later. I used alot of the same assest as previous works - such as the texture for the floor and continued to use the same red, yellow and blue in painting. I'll like to keep these colors and develop a world. As you can see I have added a little water mark to the bottom right. This is something I will continue to do in all my artwork - just something small to link it back to me. Seeing it now - I shouldd drop the opacity the logo.  On the left you can see the buildings. These are not in the animated film as they were added a later point. I'll work these into a future cut. The video I made. I've already started expanding on ideas started in this. It needs more particle effects - rain and snow would be cool. Needs detail - more polygons to make up the scene. Story is important as well - something I often struggle with.