Dune Painting

Here are several drawings I did well reading the Frank Hebert book - DUNE. Rather than working from reference these works are from imagination. I do this in real time - read a passage from the book and draw what it's saying (often DESCRIBING a character or environment). I've been using bio pen for my work. It's quick, bold and allows me to WRITE more. Drawings are photographed at various stages - line and tone. Convert to black and white, just to get rid of that color temp problem. Make everything the same. DSC_8130 The Witch. DSC_8127 Scene at McDonalds with DUNE title (from book) scatted DSC_8128 Illustration was copied from Dune book cover DSC_8129 Starbucks

Auckland Pencil Drawings

It's been sometime since I've uploaded some artwork. I've mostly been drawing, street scenes and such. DSC_7590 Albert Park fountain. 2H pencil DSC_7601 Queen Street DSC_7603 Top page of that Queen Street drawing DSC_7605 This is Hamilton. I'll include it here anyway. Bus stop in Hamilton East. Chilled here well waiting for my brother to wake DSC_7608 Imagination. It's great to just doodle sometimes DSC_7597 Queen Street. Sitting on a seat, drawing the corner. Attempted to add some figures. Rubbish DSC_7606 Character was referenced from a magazine. Background was imaganation



Hi. This is the CV of William Mckee. Contact on: [ 0223721475 ] [ will@artcontrol.me ] He's creative, hard-working, and innovative. Shown through his art, game development, photography and web-work. Ability to express ideas efficiently via oral, written, and visual communication. Determined, and responsible, projects are finished on-time and with the highest standard. Career goals are in the entertainment, technology and education industries. Formally trained in art and creativity. [ Skills ] Pencil Renders - 6+ years experience. Software - Photoshop/GIMP, illustrator/ InDesign, Maya/Blender, Unity3d. Programming - Python, C#, Javascript. Photography - Evidence shown on his stock photography site. Web - Wordpress management and development. Cooking - Curry [ Work ] BroBeur Studios - 2013 - ongoing - Video Game Development. Founder. Stock Photography - 2012 - ongoing - 100+ Digital Painting Demos - 2012 - ongoing RedditGetsDrawn: Portrait and character illustrations - 2012 - ongoing Global Gaming Jam Hamilton – 2013 – Attended and completed a game in 48 hours.. Unity3d. Milverton Kindergarten Painting – 2012 – Digital/traditional painting with children. www.ruahinekindergartens.org.nz Portrait Drawing – 2012 – Matchbox Studios. Life Modelling 2011 – Casual model work for Dan Wilkinson at The Learning Connexion Company Branding Shop - 2009 – Screen Printing. [ Formal Education ] Studied Applied Visual Imaging 2007-2009. UCOL. Majors: Animation/Video Minor: Illustration Studied Design and Drawing 2009-2010 Palmerston North School of Design Diploma of Art and Creativity (Honors) July 2010 – December 2012. The Learning Connexion. Horowhenua Collage - 2006 - NCEA Level 2 [ References ] The Learning Connexion: Dan Wilkinson: d.wilkinson@tlc.ac.nz, Marc Hill: marc@marchill.org, Sophie Saunders: s.saunders@tlc.ac.nz CBS: Ingo http://shirt.co.nz/ 06 367 2277 Milverton Kindergarten: Helen Keeper www.ruahinekindergartens.org.nz 0277653234

2H Pencil Works

    The following images were drawn recently in an a5 sketchbook. Paper quality is high. Slightly textured. Page is easily marked. 2H pencil was used. This is preferred over HB for line. HB handles shading well. Reference is RedditGetsDrawn/listener magazine/ imagination. Enjoy. IMG_6805IMG_6806IMG_6807IMG_6810IMG_6811IMG_6813IMG_6804

Three Angry Figures

I've been doing other things rather than updating this blog. It's a shame really. I do art. I do photography. I don't get it uploaded. My laptop is a mess and I'll really like to just start over with my file system. It needs a clean up. Anyway, this post is a start of many to come. blobbyCreated in GIMP, my old tablet small square tablet was used. Three figures drawn. It's nice to just doddle away in GIMP. It needs a color layer!