Chocolate cup sketch

Drawing on cup with bic bio pen. Used the phone camera - decided to leave my camera at home as it was leaving. This camera built into the phone is damn good image Character. Simple cartoonish - no reference. image Background. Typical sky/hills/moon. No stars in this one. I've been doing lots in unity - focusing on mobile but easy to deploy to web/other platforms.

Janelle figure

This is my friend Janelle. She uploaded a nice picture with a sweet haircut that I had to paint. Normally I paint strangers on r/redditgetsdrawn but I haven't even been getting 'thanks' for my work on there so would rather paint people I know in real life as they may appreciate it. Reddit is horrible. I took awhile on this - checked the video recording at 1000mb and got distracted by the time. Once I had finished the painting the file size was sitting on 2.8gig - corrupted. This is the first time in months that I've had the file size go over 2gig, I guess I was really enjoying the painting. As always, focus was more on the background than the figure. I used two different reference images for the figure - the first for the portrait and 2nd for the figure. Background was completely imagination. june-jan-linejune-jan-bwjune-jan-color

3d art assets

I've spent the majority of today sleeping so I have plenty of enemy for the next 15 or so hours to finish this game. It's coming together well. Here's some models that I've created in Blender and rendered out to be used as 2d art assets.\. 0002

LightsOff pixel ideas

The following is a painting I did in GIMP this morning - it was to produce ideas and move forward with the BaconGameJam. I'm going to sleep soon and it will likely be a big sleep. When I awake I have plenty to work on and looking forward to where the programming and sound has gone. lightsout-3d-1 3d model that i made - based of these character worked ive painted