3d render

The following images are renders of 3d models i created inside maya. I've always used Blender over Maya but recently decided to give Maya a go. Like Blender, Maya also uses Python as a scripting language. I've got modeling sorted, still have to learn rigging and animation. These are simple inside Blender, but i struggle with Maya. render gun gun2 cafrin


Several weeks ago i was involved with a game jam - redditbaconjam06. Since this is my art site i felt the need to upload several digital painting i did during the jam. Sadly, this was not used. Enjoy. crush-title crush-line crush-char


image My laptop is currently out of action. I do however have my phones which ive been getting back into since the laptop charger breaking. This is a digital painting produced in sketchbook pro on the device. The original art was a water color painting - created by my friend Cathern. This is some concept art for the game Cafrin 2: episode one. The first game was created with python for the gameboy jam.

Crushing NIghtmare

Over the weekend I worked on a game for Asylum Jam. I had signed up to a list of people that were looking for groups. A group emailed me asking for a 2d Artist and bonus if they had 3d modeling skills. I added them to Skype and joined the group. Their idea was based on this video: They sent me some 3d models to textures. These were machine like for the crushing machine. I had a go at texturing these. Problem I ran into was the fact that my tablet is broken and only responds if I draw with the eraser end. This works fine in GIMP where I bind it to paint - in Blender however I can't seem to switch this to paint - only erase. This meant I had to export the texture pattern to GIMP to paint. I don't usually worry so much about detailing textures - often just creating an abstract pattern for them. Animating this texture also gives good effects. I suggested the pattern animation for the group but it was never followed though. The group was using Unity3d for the project. Sadly I still only have a Linux system so was unable to help with the game design - something that I usually really enjoy. The group asked me to create ghost like shapes for the characters. It was their project and they were telling me how to paint. This seemed fine at the time but really I should have just painting my usual style as it was distracted and unproductive. I sent them many paintings to use in the project but only one of my paintings was used in the project. This was somewhat disappointing after the project was finished and handed in as they had used stock images to fill the space. This is why it's best that I lead groups - similar to my setup with Melonie for Suburb Nightmare  

Angelique Portrait

Formatted my laptop yesterday, backed up majority of my files on the system but forgot to backup my GIMP 2.8 settings. I had to create new settings for getting a thin to thick pressure look and make new brushes (default GIMP brushes are quite terrible). My old brushes are on my desktop computer, an 8 hour drive from here. I plan on getting the computer back in the next few weeks - I love those brushes I've got on it! Here's a portrait I did of my friend Angelique (went to TLC with her) because the format: ANG-LINE Line. Normally I go with a red color for the line - but mixed it up here and used the green. Working on a square format rather than the normal wide landscape. It felt restrictive and didn't allow me to do the normal landscape effects I ususally use in my digital paintings. ANG-BW-sm Black and white tone. Simple, nothing special. But I like it. ANG-COLOR-sm Color. Usual color palette - yellow for a skin, red hair, and green for the background. No blue in this. I usually use blue for the sky/background and green for the ground. The square share is weird to work with.

Hamilton Building

Since moving to Hamilton I have gotten outside with my drawing and photography gear everyday. This is a great success because my art was really suffering and I had not found inspiration to draw for months. I've been focusing on what I love - environments. Mixture of buildings and nature. There are plenty of seats around Hamilton that I can sit down at, relax and get a drawing done. DSC_1428 Drawn watching my brother play DOTA2. Creature portrait

DSC_1427 University. Lake and trees separate me from the buildings.

DSC_1426 Uni. Sitting on seat looking down at pond and area surrounding

DSC_1425 Hamilton Council buildings. Captured three figures in order to fill the page.

DSC_1424 Hamilton Intercity bus stop