These are the digital drawings I produced at the centre recently. I was worried for sometime that I had lost these but Bruce was awesome and recovered the drive. He's changed around how the computers boot - if no network is found it boots to public on its own machine. This is going to be helpful if the system ever dies like it did this week. june-sand-line cow june-pup-line june-minnie-line june-queen-line june-nik-line june-glass-line


I did not sleep well last night. Finally got to sleep at 5am. At 4ish I got out of bed and produced several digital drawings. Completing 4 of them - I was tired and could sleep. In the morning I slept in and got into Mothers work mid morning. Oil Pastel and a little paint was the focus today. I've taken photos of the works and will get them uploaded. When I returned home tonight I produced several more digital drawings: june-irish-line june-harry-line june-curle-line june-cruzwine-line june-bike-line june-beards-line june-atjam-line june-art-line

Night Drawing Sleep

I can't sleep so got up and uploaded several digital drawings I did yesterday. It was an excellent day - Morning started with good news for a friend. I got into the community centre early - 1:30pm. I spent the next hour digital drawing people on RedditGetsDrawn. Sadly we had our /home directory die tonight before I had uploaded the images. He may be able to recover them - terrible day for the centre computers. Anyway, once I got home tonight I produced several drawings, went to bed (couldn't sleep). Got up and created several more. Here are some results: june-married-line june-bed-line june-STEER-line june-leah-line

line diff color

Three works for Tuesday morning. I've continued with just line - no gray-scale or color tonal layers.

One suggestion I had from my Sister was to use a range of different colors with the line - to separate and define objects. This worked well - I used a dark green for the grass areas in the painting. Dark blue for the sky and water, and a light yellow for skin tones. The red acts as a base. I'll continue experimenting with a range of colors in the line.

june-irishwater-line woman walking the shores of Ireland june-snow-line Woman in snow, mud on hand june-unbrela-line Short girl, tall guy. grass and trees in background.

monitor setup drawings

Very sleepy right now but had a great evening with the drawing. I have a three monitor setup - on my main samsung: gimp in full screen. On the small square monitor to the left: photo reference. Laptop: Hulu (usually films). I have a headset that I use for the films. Would like to add speaker and pandora radio to the mix. Here are digital drawings from the day: june-3eye-line june-mushroom-line june-pink-line june-side-line june-word-line june-pool-line june-skate-line

June First Drawings

On the first of June I got a bunch of digital drawings complete - all reference from RedditGetsDrawn. New tablet is excellent - looking back at some of my older tablet (cte55) the quality in pressure is useless. june-fairy-line june-cubasouth-line june-carrot-line june-bltree-line june-brown-line june-glassesz-line june-pole-line

End of May digital drawings

I slept in a little today but awoke and painted. I am very happy about the tablet and the results im getting. I've been unable to produce gray-scale and color layers yet. I may just take these images onto my phone and color them with sketchbook pro. I lost my sketchbook when I was in Auckland. I need to buy a new one - a5 will be fine. Here are some more drawings   may-girlglass-line may-beard-line may-zomb-line

May Paintings

It's been a long time since I have updated with some artwork. I have myself a new tablet so my plan is to work on more art and upload it. For a long time I was updating this site every two or so days. I've slacked off in this and other projects. I have my code which has been going well. Here is the result from the new tablet and drawing people on RedditGetsDrawn. I am happy with the tablet. Small, but I get the result. I use to own an intous5 medium which was a little too large. The small fits me fine. Happy I had no problems with the linux drivers also - it was all plug and go. We installed the drivers on the machines at the center - so have it working there. Enjoy -may-soulder-line may-faire-line may-punkfair-line

punk jam

Concept art digital paintings for the Cyber Punk Jam. These last few game jams I have done I have focused on just producing artwork and a little 3d. I need to start getting into making games using the godot engine. I have been sick, but i am feeling better. Enjoy - punk-line punk-bw punk-color