getsdrawn logo

I have spend just under a month at my Mothers  home looking after the place and celebraiting my brothers birthday. I launched GetsDrawn.getsdrawn-line   GetsDrawn line layer. Drew the letters GetsDrawn and land/ocean below. Robot below that with landscape behind. Horozin line. getsdrawn-bw Painting over the line layer with grayscale tone. GetsDrawn is dark. The background is light. Mid landscape and ocean below. Robot was coloured in with light colours. The background is dark. Trees and bush rise in the distance.  

Dino Study

Two recent digital line works. Still keeping with the red that was recommended to me by pointclickjam. I've got pen drawings to upload also - from Hamilton 150th birthday and sitting at my desk. Enjoy these work works - spikdinoyz-line   Continued with the Ramparts theme in this piece with drawing of the walls, windows, and ocean. I added some land in the horozin line. A merge of humanold dino and monsters were drawn. I added a spiky dragon like tail. Insect type features are also present. dinomontag-line   One really neat trick with using KDE desktop environment is that I can make windows fully transparent. I normally keep window transparency to 80%. This makes it easy to see whats under my current window. My gimp is set to 80% opacity and in the background window is a google search for dinosaur skeletons. I'm not tracing but doing what I normally do and observe with reference. I worked quickly, getting down the shape for each dino. I wasn't really fussed with how good the line looked, and just focused on the shape. Some of the line doesn't look too bad.  

dino crisis

Continued with more Dino related painting. I've used reference from an old playstation game - Dino Crisis. Here are the works:   spikdinoy-lineThe claw from the cover of the game. Landscape in the background. Using the red that I have to use for pointclickjam. spikdinoz-line   Giving the dinos insect like dots. Working on turning the dino idea into a game. spikdinoy-bw Greyscale. Taking elements from two line drawings. spikdinoy-color Colour. Using the colours recommended to me by pointclickjam.  

Spike InfoSec Robotics

Continued with the painting and created this. Technically I'm creating this art to my usual digital paintings with a few changes. First - colour palette. I'm still using red line, blue for background, and red/yellow for characters. The EGA 16 colours is the colour palette which is a change from the usual tones I use for painting. I am also using 100% opacity - normally I'm on 80%. This is because I'm not allowed to use more than the 16 colors and the opacity 80% would count as colours. Here's the piece: spike-robots-LINE   Started with the Spike InfoSec logo and character name. Drew the full figure character. Made it the usual robotic look, with spikes. I then redrew the character on the left in order to create a slightly different version (and larger!). This second character had spikes on it's arm and an eye ball. The next one to draw was the claw (third on the left). Finally the dino/monster creation on the far right. Clouds were added and a little water. spike-robots-color   Colour layer added. I am happy with the red and brown, they mi together well and remind me of my usual colours. The magenta is new for me, it's certainly much lighter and bright then the usual colours I would use. Cyan for the cloud. Blue for background (but it's too dark, I miss my light blue!)

spike infosec

For the month of November I've been working on a novel. I'm currently at 6,000 words out of a total of 50,000. I don't think I'll make it to 50,000 words but I will make a game out of it. The novel is called Spike InfoSecpnc-line To generate some ideas I started the Concept Art: Assault on the Ramparts EOW theme. This reminded me straight away of Hellfire Ramparts from World Of Warcraft. I did a quick search for ramparts and got back interested Jewish buildings that could be used for reference. I used these for refereed and completed this. pnc-color There is a game jam currently happening called pointandclickjam. I was inspired by the colour palette so used the palette.   spikemap-line Drawing for the novel. Blueprints of the office building, and Janets various robotic forms.   spikemap-color Black and white, and colour layers of the map and Janets form.    

chalk dino monster

It is November. Here is a collection of chalk drawings I've been working on. wpid-20141107_113507.jpg Giant. One eye, two fangs. The line was orange and tone yellow and white. I started a red line on the head and arm but never finished it. wpid-20141101_200058.jpg I drew this at a friends place with a six year old. He drew Micky Mouse and then I redrew the Micky Mouse - you can see this in the ears. In the background I added a landscape to the background. Windows are floating in the sky, along with ballons. Water comes to the foreground. The ballons in the bottom right are drawn by him. wpid-20141031_221339.jpg Dino drawing I worked on. In the background I drew trees and land. water comes into the foreground. wpid-20141029_114803.jpg   Monster on brown paper. Started with pencil line, drawing the monster and line for horizon line. Trees and land added to this. The monster has a trex like head, with sharp long teeth. Instead of hands the trex has two claws. The colour was added with oil pastel. Yellow for the skin, red for dots, arms, legs. Blue was used for the background. wpid-20141030_114526.jpg   Chalk. Dinosaurs. Spikes everywhere. wpid-20141030_114540.jpg Two eyes, nose, and sharp spikes making up the rest of the face. Red eyeballs. wpid-20141030_114516.jpg   Houses and land on the horizon line with ocean coming to the foreground.   wpid-20141030_110521.jpg   More dinos. Tone was added to some of these. wpid-20141104_121243.jpg   Hulk vs Bane. Punching each other. wpid-20141104_121253.jpg


The month is November. I have been writing a book. It's called Spike InfoSec. image Giant chalk piece. I did the line first, then filled with black and ĺ image image image image image image image image image

sign in bugz

The following artwork started as a tracing over an earlier bug painting I did. I enjoyed adding more detail to the line bug by tracing over the tonal colour. The 80% opacity on the colour tone helps give it more detail and texture.   Today is November 1st. signinbugz-line  signinbugz-bw

asylum abe

Recent digital works completed in GIMP. Lately I have been focusing on the line layer and ignoring the black and white/colour tonal layers. The line layer is usually the idea generation layer and the black and white/colour tonal layers just build upon kill abe-line   Line layer. Reference was a screenshot from Oddworld: Abes Odyssey. abe-bw   Grayscale tonal layer. I am happy with the texture and alive feeling that the scrap produces. abe-color   Colour. Mixed things up a bit by using the blue for the ground instead of the background. Red is used for the background instead. Happy with the yellow of the scrap, especially with the light and dark tones.