Happy New Year! First post to the year. This selection of digital painting was mostly created at KiwiCon9. It was held in Wellington back in Decembers. It was the first time I attended and was a great experience. I went with my Raspberry Pi and Wacom drawing tablet. People were interested in it, from what I saw I was the only one walking around with a portable Raspberry Pi - and definitely the only one with a Wacom Drawing Tablet.

Here we go. As always I will talk about each piece above:


Aussy Military. They had someone talk about the aus military and how it relates to security.


Fear and Loathing on your Desk: BadUSB, and what you should do about it. Robery Fisk talked about the dangers of usb devices. I was lucky enough to meet Fisk the night before his talk at the VIP/speakers party.

I had meet one of his work mates at DevMob the week before and hanged out with her during KiwiCon9.


An older work of sketching Raspberry Pi ideas.


Cyber Viking Cafe. Colour version. Not much words, mostly drawings of creatures and landscape.


The black and white version of Cyber Viking Cafe image. The colour version always help define areas in the work.


Digital Painting from GetsDrawn of IsWhat.


Selection of days back in November of painting - mostly novel based sketches.


Keynote notes from KiwiCon. They had an event of the NSA swooping in and arressting the speaker who was talking about xkeyscore.


Thursday after morning tea. Kate Pearce did a talk - stuff I mostly didn't understand.

Wayne did a talk about red teaming which I found very entertaining and informative. It was one of my favorite talks of the conference.


More notes on Waynes red teaming talk. The more interesting the talk is, the more notes I write.



Kiwicon 9. CyberWar. Theate of War. Robotic sketches before the event started.


This was the result of leaving my Pi setup on a talk at the VIP/Speaker event at KiwiCon9. Had requests to change the colour to 'hot pink'. Several people had a go with the Wacom Drawing tablet. Gives me a break from it!

That's a decent post for the start of the year. It is my goal this year to keep this site more up to date with my artwork. I have the Raspberry Pi portable device that I can use to make digital painting wherever I go and write the blog posts using nano and then build the site with Nikola.


I have a Raspberry Pi setup for portable digital painting. It's a Raspberry Pi 2b with a 480x320px monitor attached to the GPIO slots. It's powered by a battery pack. A Wacom tablet is plugged into the USB on the Pi. GIMP is used for the painting and it has the same settings as I had on the desktop. Now I can paint anywhere, no power needed! Here's a collection of artwork that I have painted


Ideas for the Raspberry Pi internet cafe.


Colour logo for BroBeur CyberCafe. I added the line over the colour as it looked better than without it.


Grayscale BroBeur CyberCafe. Felt it didn't need the line layer. Sorry, no line image.


Signinlca notes. Mostly writing but some drawing on the top left.


More character sketch ideas.


I went to a bar on the evening of my birthday and painted this there. I found a corner and stayed in it. It was fun.


Creative Commons ideas mixed with NaNoWriMo stuff.


KiwiCon2015. This was created shortly before the kiwicon conference that I attended this year.


This was from Day12 of my NaNoWriMo sketching. During November I wrote a 50,000 word novel and would carry my Pi with me sketching ideas and notes for the book.


Day 20 of NaNoWriMo. This was more of a summery of the book so far.


Writers Den Hamilton mixed with Creative Commons and Open Education Resources Sprints 2016. This is an event happening at the end of April that involves creating education resources.


Another one from early this year. There are several drawings from local Levin kids. They enjoy having a go with the drawing tablet - usually signing their name and creating basic drawings.


This is my spot. Some life drawing of the street - light pole and building behind it.


DevMob2015 Creative Commons sketches. Ideas for logos, but got carried away with characters.


Golden Cloud. This was from early in the year.


Grayscale painting of a girl with a cool hat.


Line layer of the girl with a hat. Quite basic really.


NanoWriMo Final.


It's been sometime since I have updated this blog. For several months the site was down. I wrote code, I didn't really do much artwork. I think that has to change, so here is my attempt to my art blog running again. I've decided to not use the wp-content path for artwork and instead use galleries. Don't worry - all the artwork that was in wp-content is still there. This only applies for future works.

I even wrote a script to help me create blog posts. It takes the images in a folder and creates a Markdown file out of them. It also creates a year/month/day folder structure folder for the gallery. This is the same as I use for my GetsDrawn site.

Anyway, here is a collection of digital paintings. Majority are from reference images on GetsDrawn. Enjoy -



I have never draw the 'head mod' of RedditGetsDrawn but here it is. I was banned again for this.


Jem ###

It's rare that I do a remix of someone elses work. When I was at The Learning Connexion I remixed Cathrins work. This hasn't continued. I found this Wellington Artist Jem and traced over her sketch. Similar process that I would do with my envrioment drawings, line layer to trace the pencil, followed by grayscale and colour layers.



This is a painting of my Friend Kirsty. They are wonderful and always let me stay at their place in Auckland. I enjoy going to tech conferences and they are often held in Auckland, so this is quite often.

The reference was a beautiful photo of her taken on her 30th birthday. So you could say this was a birthday present for her! Happy 30th Kirsty :D



So it's been months since this blog has been updated. For several months it was shutdown. I was worried at one point that I had lost the art from the posts but I had backed it up on a Digital Ocean server. Since then the art has been restored but it's not linking correctly on

I have decided to switch from the wp-contents folder structure to the galleries system that is default in Nikola.

Here are digital paintings that I have completed this month:
















pi weekend

The Raspberry Pi digital painting setup is stable. I have been able to walk and draw with it - though not as steady as sitting down or standing sill. Majority of the art is from imagination but some are landmarks and Enjoy - nychar-line   Mixture of monster robotic characters and portraits from GetsDrawn. I've added their username near the portrait. artctrl-line     It's been a long time since artwork of William Mckee has had a new logo. Using the Raspberry Pi and my Wacom tablet I traced over an old logo - to give it new life. This is the line layer. It's a little rough and quick, but the logo will cleanup on the grayscale tonal and color layers. I would never use a line layer as a logo.   artctrl-bw   Grayscale tonal. The R in artcontrol and the smaller text is a mess.   artctrl-color Colour. Using Green on figure. hunt-line   I will end with this. Red line layer. Characters for the gamejam Adventure Jam. It goes for two weeks. I'm not sure how much I'll get done - so far I've only produced paintings. The name of my game is Hunt For Naples Yellow. The name is inspired from the film The Hunt For Red October and named after my digital painting/python dev pi machine - naplesyellow. Naming all servers after colours. Crayons.   nychar1-bw

pimonitor imagine

I have the Raspberry Pi 2 B setup with a touch screen monitor attached to the GPIO and my wacom drawing tablet (small) attached with USB. I have my GIMP settings setup so it hides everything. I just need to go into fullscreen and the painting covers the whole screen. I hide the taskbar and just use right click on the tablet to get it back. This is much better use of the screen. Grayscale and Colour tonal layers are posible but it's easier to just do the red line layer.   ava1-line ava2-line bird ava3-line bird-bw bird-color

pi desk

So after over a month I have finally got my Raspberry Pi 2 B setup and running. I had problems with the power supply - 5v 2a is needed but all my powersupply had low a. The Pi is connected to a 17 inch monitor with a vga to html converter. GIMP is really all I am using it for. I have Raspberry Pi B+ with touch screen monitor attached that I use for reference photos. Anyway here they are, a mixture of from imagaination and getsdrawn paintings. bambrosephoto-line Bombrosephoto line layer. Glasses holding camera. Minimal background landscape. bambrosephoto-bw Grayscale. Ignored the background and just focused on the portraits. Keeping it simple and minimal. bambrosephoto-color Colour. New purple (modifed the red) for glasses. deskand-line Raspberry Head creature with walking desk and monitor. Line layer. Pillars in background. deskand-bw Grayscale. Spikes drawinpi-line Logos. Debian. Raspberry Pi. GetsDrawn. Just playing and getting use to tablet with pi drawinpi-bw Grayscale. The three logos again. drawinpi-color Color. Exploring purples and oranges. Green and Red for Pi. monkeys-line Taylor Swift. Landscape, imagaination. Robot on the left monkeys-bw  iwillgetyoufool-lineiwillgetyoufool-bwiwillgetyoufool-color

piart imagine

I spent several days in Christchurch recently but am now back in Levin. Sadly I left my drawing book in Christchurch and have not drawn since. When I was in Christchurch I did buy a new Raspberry Pi 2 B computer. I had it running Debian and was very impressed with the speed. It is so fast that it allows me to do digital painting in GIMP just the same as on my desktop computer or laptop. I don't have a monitor in Levin for the Pi so have not been able to do more - but here is what I created in Christchurch piart-line Pi Art. The term used by shop keeper when I picked up my new Pi. Testing marks and getting use to the Pi. laz-line On the Thursday in Christchurch I went to the Community Centre where I drew with someone. Taking some of these ideas from the drawings into GIMP. laz-grey   Greyscale tonal layer. Enjoy. It may be good for me to do some digital painting on the laptop. No monitor for the Pi currently.  

rgd ban msgs

These are the ban messages I got from the r/redditgetsdrawn mod ItWillBeMine last year. I had never published these before but the thread over on r/AskReddit regarding Toxic Community sparked me to do so and I agree, RedditGetsDrawn is toxic. I stay away from the subreddit and artistlounge. I do however write Python code to download the most recent images submitted to redditgetsdrawn. Here is the code if you are interested. banban2ban3ban4