The weather has been cold and I've been home in Hamilton. Other than a ecommerce business meetup I have not been to any. I have been playing a few too many games, but getting sick and bored of it. Hopefully I make it to life drawing this Friday as it has been awhile since I have made it.

Here are recent artworks. I have been using the Pi on my larger Samsung monitor.


Notes taken well watching pycon2016 videos. The talk was on writing an excellent programming blog. I am going to talk about the talk at the Hamilton Python User Group on Monday. I will take this artwork and turn it into slides.


The title page for the talk I will give. I drew a portrait of the speaker along with the logo of pycon2016


Grayscale tonal layer of the title page.



Along with pycon2016 videos I watched pydata London videos. These are notes I took with a statistic tutorial from the event. Pepper and Carrot draws and notes were started - Saffron Witchcraft.


Begin of concept art for EOW - water treatment plant.


Currently I am in Hamilton. I am reading Lie Down With Lions. Here is the artwork that I have created recently on with my portable pi workstation - I drew the majority of these when I went to Hamilton Writers Den, Hamilton Computer Club and Hamilton Life Drawing.


Drawn with inspiration from Art100. Not Allot of drawing images in this - mostly just drawing words from the wiki page.


Another piece from art100. This looks at empathy and literary fiction.


Last work from art100. Focus on the course descriton and content.


I finished Fall of Giants when I was in Levin and loved it. In the center of this image it reads: write prose based on recent book - Fall Of Giants.


Hamilton Computer Club pamphlet inspired work. I picked the pamphlet up during the day and reworked it. I would like to create a a5 pamphlet for Hamilton Computer Club to advertise the club - similar idea to what I did several months ago with Hamilton Python User Group.


On Friday I went to life drawing. I arrived late and missed out on the quick warm up poses. This drawing was a 20 minute standing pose. The model had her back to me so it was hard to capture much detail. I almost managed to capture the full model - cut from the knees down.

One of the best things about the location is the view of the river and nature outside. I sat so I could lookout to the view, with the nude model between. Capturing the benches and leaves of the trees. To the left and right of her head is the wall panel - complete with power sockets.


This was the final life drawing for the day. The pose was a long 30minutes lying pose. I found it hard to capture - even after walking around the room for a better view.


This was a strange 10 minute pose. The models ankles were sore so she had one leg. Pose was 10minutes. It was interesting but hard for the model to keep still.


My favorite life drawing of the day. This was a sitting pose. The model is drawn twice - the first larger focusing on her portrait. The 2nd drawing of the model is in the top right hand corner. It's more of stick figure drawing but it captures the full shape of the model. I ran out of room to draw the arm so it's on the left side of the page. At the bottom the Waikato river runs through the page.


The cycle of Romantic Literature. A piece from art100. This piece focuses on drawing elements from Fall Of Giants - world war 1. Man with a gas mask, and guns.


so i have registered for wikieducator. It offers free elearning resources. I am enjoying editing and adding content. Areas that I was interested in
adding resources were tech, digital citizenship, art. Conferences and Events. I came across a course from Otago Polytechnic on Tourism and Travel. I felt I could contribute to the resources on conferences. It's always safe to add links. I included a few links - to AV recording talk and to lanyrd - the site that lists conferences and events. I added some education resources on AV setups at conferences and expanded the section on goodie bags.

Here is the artwork that I have created


The beginning. In the right side Conference and Events is written in caps, with learning objectives under. Around the screen are scatted portraits and figures. A skull with drum sticks poking through. Characters with flower heads.


Continue with the flower head - now the figure has several. Border around the edge of lines and dots.


The goodie bag was one area I was able to expand on the education resources. This is a brainstorm of ideas behind a goodie bag.


Main resources page copy of content


Grayscale tonal painting. Makes a nice border!


Exploring ideas for conferences with the idea of tourist focused conference division. For those that do not want to attend the main conference, workshops, and seminars. Often ran as a family even. One parent attending conference, other and kids on tourist activities. Don't want family stuck in hotel room when attending conference.


I have just spend the weekend in Wellington. I attended the first OERSprint. On Saturday a group of people came together to create open education resources for teachers.

Here is the artwork that I created during the sprint and my time in Wellington:


A jazz band playing on Cuba Street. I drew this after the sprints finished on Saturday. They had attracted quite a crowd. It's moments like this I miss living in Wellington - the arts feel very much alive and happening.


Brain storming ideas for oersprint. Was taking ideas from others in the room and getting them down. Allot of the time it was just doodling, away in my world.


The headless figure in the bottom left catches my attention.


It's been a long time since I have done anything with the draft novel I wrote in November. This is some artwork for it. The four planets/moon arguing about being blown up.


Drawing of tables and bolts.


Landscape with figures.


Taking a page from wikieducator on OERu and illustrating it.


Drawn for ConceptArt - Panels of the week. Create a comic strip!


What is the OERu? Mostly writing out the text.


I spent Sunday walking around Wellington drawing various objects - sign posts, pillar, buildings.


Drawing of trees and pillars in Wellington.


Currently down in Levin. I dropped into PBtech before I left hamilton brining with my the Pi and portable screen. The guy behind the service desk was excellent. He gave me 5 screws - four of which are currently holding the Pi2b and touch screen together.

Back to working with the larger screen. Found I work best if I can sit down or at least stand rather than walking and drawing. Here are the results of painting this week:


Filling the page with images from my imaganation.


On Monday night I attended WLUG. I missed last months meeting as I was away in Levin/Napier. Lawrance did a talk on Emacs. I think the most useful moment I got out of it was where he covered the emacs-terminal-client - a commandline interface that allows you to control emacs (such as opening and closing files). This could be useful.

He covered the basics of Lisp and I doddled down the code he demoed.


Free statue. Plane. cityscape. Giant robot walking through the mountains.


When I don't know what to do - visit concentart.org and have a look at some of the challangers of the week. Often I start with enviorment of the week, but also check out character and creature.


Planned on writing a Sept. 11 altenative history novel, similar to The Man In The High Castle. In this altenative world the attacks on 9/11 never happen. The novel follows events leading up, during, and after the certain day. I had planned to call the novel a altenative name of My Chemical Romance since the band was formed before of 9/11. Anyway, more novel ideas to go along with Pepper&Carrot and ItWillNotBeMine.


In altenative world there are digital paintings of the events, but the events don't really happen. This is the colour layer. Blue for the sky, green for the water, red for thte buildings. Kept the smoke gray.


The grayscale tonal layer. The statue is the darkest, followed by the areas of the towers which were hit. One colour covers the water. A range of lights and darks spread across the skyline.


The line layer. It seems so minimal compared to the tonal layers. This holds the key information that is transfered onto the tonal layers. Compared to some of the other line layers, this feels empty.


Close up drawings of towers. Arab guy and Pepper portrait.


Recovered from the flu and had a few late nights out this week. It's nice to have a plan to have a few days at home - and planning on taking the dog (Patches) for a walk.

This art is a result from Writers Den Hamilton, Hamilton Book Club, and life drawing. That's right - life drawing. 2013 was the last time I had done life drawing so great to get back into it.



Joined a Hamilton book club on Meetup.com last year and finally made it to a meetup. I hadn't read the book they discussed -
The Elusive Language of Ducks but I enjoyed the meetup anyway. These were the notes I drew during the meetup. These were the notes I took during the the meetup - others thoughts on the book.


I spent the day in Hamilton City on Thursday waiting for the book club so walked the river path, drawing the building across the river.


Life drawing. It had been years since I have drawn a nude model and it was great to get back into it. The model was Mia. These are four drawings of her, it was a long standing pose, I moved around the room several times and completed several shorter drawings of her.


Started with the eyes and worked out. The legs were certainly neglected.


The start. These were short two minute poses. Took sometime to adjust to drawing a model - certainly not use to it with the wacom.


Colour layer of the first twenty minute pose. It has been awhile since I've painted colour, choose a disgusting green colour rather than the normal yellow I usually use. Would of liked to add red to her eyebrows and hair.


During the break we were given a glass of wine. I displayed this drawing on the Pi and had several people ask me about my setup. Feels more complete than the line layer.


The line layer. Hands and feet were neglected. I had a grid guide on by accident and didn't know how to get rid of it so have some strange straight lines on the right.


Drawn during writers Den Hamilton. I tend to get allot of sketching done during these meetups. It's great, i can just draw and listen to people reading out their writing. They often have printed copies of their work which I scan but never focus on it (hard to read with my glasses on).


Middle of the month so due for a update. Spent the last two weeks in Hamilton. Been sick, had the flu. Not allot of drawing because of that. Still have yet to fix my monitor, been using the smaller one when walking.

Motivation has been hard, don't know what conference I will attend next. Meet up groups have been dumb. Hopefully feel better after writing this post.


Looking through some of archive posts. This drawing was inspired from a pencil drawing I did in Auckland back in 2013. I drew elements of the old artwork and including the text written alongside.


Creative Commons in Schools drawing. This was created to inspire me to create slides for a talk I may give in the future on Creative Commons in schools. I started these slides when I was at Ruby Camp and have been working on them further recently... mostly adding images. There still needs to be some work - removing slides that repeat themselves. This artwork isn't included in the slides but it should be - a good example of taking the CC kiwi and creating a derivative work from it.


Lana Del Rey and sheering a sheep. Derivative of an old aussy painting.


A full page of sketches. The only text being IS IT GOD? Creating multiply layers of line, something that is rare in my drawing.


Created during Writers Den Hamilton. The Jim was a sig that I copied. Banned is the theme for the next meeting. My idea. Communities just love to ban me.


Again looking back over archives. Took a painting I did of my Mother and redrew it.


Characters mostly. Spikes and the usual.


Drawing drink bottle and landscapes.


Portrait of someone. I have no idea.


Drawings completed on my trip to Napier. Still using 7 inch tft with pi2b for these. Lost the screws for mounting the pi and touch screen. Brought some new but they were m3 and i needed m2.5. Instead of the 7inch I've switched back to an old 480px 320px touch screen. It has been hard to walk and draw with the 7inch so looking foward to walking with the 3inch and comparing the difference. Not drawing for some time also helps with motivation to draw well walking.


ArtCtrl figures and landscapes. Arms holding spears.


Some figures. Drawings of objects, bin, post.


creative commons words sketch.


Slitaz. The operating system for spiders. Was inspired to draw this after a comment on pepper&carrot over the operating system the spiders would be using.


Pepper&Carrot portrait on the right. Creative Commons icons - open access, culture and heritage etc.


Sitting on waterfront in Napier overlooking the ocean. Drawing of the struture leading out to water. Captured a figure standing in the distance.


Signs and trees around Napier. Tried to look for interesting objects to draw. Landscape in the distance studies.


Sitting in the square. Study of park bench surronded by plants. signposts with lights on top.


Sketch of the landscape. Took time with this to get the shape and curves of the hills. Group of trees in a bunch, with buildings and objects running along the coast. In the foreground a the object leading out to the water with someone sitting on it. A wavey line for the water - attempt to capture the direction on the waves.


Archway looking out to the hills, tree, and building. Scrubbery.


Pepper&Carrot sketches. Drawing a few different characters. Focus on smaller details - like plant in a cup.


Currently reading War & Peace. Halfway finished. Signs and frames in Napier.


The final ruby drawings that didn't make it into the last post.


Fireplace with pots and jug. Trees and roofs. Chimley,


Writing out ideas when reading War and Peace.


Attended Rails Camp NZ 2016. It was my first Ruby event. The location was Wellington, New Zealand. Hired out YMCA campgrounds on the weekend.

beer, cider, rum.


On the Saturday morning I went for a walk and drew horses.


The Saturday talks.


Talks were given in a unconference style. There was no official timetable but had a paper at the event with times where people could give talks. This was very similar to the DevMob even I went to last year.

The food and drinks were excellent. Nice to be in the shade, reading The Pillars of the Earth and drinking apple cider. Currently 70% through the book. Events progress the story.


Drawing the environment was fun. I focused mostly on trees as I had them on my mind due to The Great Tree in Pepper&Carrot.

The weekend was perfect and I would attend future camps or conferences in the future. There were five from Hamilton at the camp so worth looking at a ruby hamilton meetup.


Currently in Levin. I am over 50% through The Pillars of the Earth. It is long but I am enjoying it.


Talk on Creative Commons in schools. Show the policy and how to get it into schools. Examples of Creative Commons in practice. ArtCtrl/ArtControl remixing Jem, Hicksville, Pepper&Carrot. Always on the lookout for free licensed artwork to remix.


I decided to add the four horsemen into the world of Pepper and Carrot.

In Good Omens they are featured and I wanted to write a novel about the characters. Mixing them into Pepper and Carrot is interested. Moulding them into current events - such as them being involved with The Great Tree.


Characters. This was drawn on the bus travelling from Hamilton to Levin. 1120 was the bus number, written on the piece of artwork.



The Great Tree. It's black trunk leading up to it's branches. It's leaves swish in the heavy winds. Underneath are the residents buildings.

Mixing in ideas from reading The Pillars of The Earth.


Line version of the Pillars artwork.


The character Saffron whom I plan to make a main character in my pepper and carrot novel.


The next for Death in the Pepper and Carrot novel. Need to type out and edit the text. Using the wacom drawing tablet for a mixture of drawing and writing helps ideas.


Text for the Witch in Pepper and Carrot novel. Again type out and edit the text.