August 2016 Artwork from Life Drawing Hamilton - Adelaide modelling. RedditGetsDrawn portraits, Pepper&Carrot and the Hamilton Python User Group.


Walking to life drawing takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. I did it in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Still arrived several minutes late and didn't setup my usual table. Instead joined Peters table.

These are quick 2 minute poses. I think I need more quicker poses. Warmed up from the walk meant the drawing went successfully.


Sitting pose with the model curled up and looking down. It wasn't partially interesting but it did give me a change to draw the enviorment - including the heater.

I decided to modify the naming system for the art. A series of life drawings or events will have P number. This means the script that builds my markdown file keeps the images in order.


Lying pose. Her right arm rests on her hair. In the distance clouds and a structure joined together with jagged spikes. Unusual shapes decent from this.


Two sitting poses. The first her hand to her mouth and second crunched over with both hands in front of her. Square and circle shapes surround the figures.


Final pose. This was a bit different to the other poses. Lying on her back with her legs crossed and up. An area I often ignore is the legs. Starting at the head and often cutting off areas is not good. On the 2nd drawing of this pose I focused on the legs.


This was reference from RedditGetsDrawn. An arab girl wearing cool glasses.


Stretching arm up. I like the face on this. It's beautiful.


Drawing of reddit user dylan15766


Drawing of reddit user highgarden-smirk


Ideas for Pepper&Carrot. Been writing a python script to build a Nikola site of the comic. He has good filenames.


This was drawn at Hamilton Python User Group. It was a quiet night.


Artwork from the past week - I attended life drawing on Friday and GovtHack.


Drawn at govthack. The bear was reference from somewhere


Ideas for govthack. My first idea was to continue with the MoE jobs website. Other ideas included Creative Commons polices in schools. Schools that have vs not. This is something I started. I liked the idea of entering NZ Best Data Journalism. Another idea that is a bit different is to look at public library software management and analyse regional usage. I found this data online that covered public libraries in New Zealand.


Landscape that was drawn during govthack. Warming up...


Drawn on the Friday night at GovtHack. Was watching a doco about Muslims in London - that's why the god is great statement is there.

I had considered to make a parody for govthack - taking inspiration from North Korea and Soviet Union. I guess that was why I was watching this doco - to generate some ideas for the site.


Hamilton E-Commerce Meetup. This was on Thursday night. 6 people showed which was good numbers. I drank a beer and drew this. Only notes I took was Magento - open source php software. I wrote under it Python Ecommerce libraries - I would rather use Python than a PHP library as I can integrate it into my current scripts easily.


My main project at GovtHack this year was to redo the Jobs.Govt.NZ site. This is ideas and notes for the About page.


The categories of jobs.


Front page. We have an important jobs for you! Then listing of all the categories.


This was done after govthack. Moving beyound and looks at job bank - Ministry of Social Development. One idea was to merge the govt and non-govt job listings together.


This is tags for jobs. Areas and locations where the jobs are located. Below these tags is a landscape and the words: 'work, work'. I wanted some illustration to add to the website since all I really had done up to now was notes. Illustrations for categories and tags would be neat.


Life Drawing which was completed before govthack. Several back poses. Her hair is always great to draw. Love the shapes it makes on her back.


Portrait of her face with arm coming into the foreground. I included the ghost tattoo she has. Her arm is floating on the river.


Standing poses. Side on portraits. Especially happy with arm on left. Captured tattoos. They always make drawing the figure more interesting.


I had a great weekend drawing at Kiwijam followed by the wlug meeting on Monday night. Here is a bunch of drawings created at kiwijam, my brothers, and wlug.


Created several cartoon portraits then filled the page with landscapes.


Focused on the circles. Small and tiny to build up an area. Landscape of water with a character at the bottom. Shapes rising up.


Continued with Trump theme. Characters standing on top of a wall. Water below.


Character in a square frame with spikes emerging out. Another character drawn on the bottom left, merging into the background.


Detail on the water. Normally don't use such a small line for it.


These are all the same. What more can I say?


Recently I founded several groups on that were already happening irl. These are Hamilton Computer Club and Life Drawing Hamilton.

I am likely to build scripts in the future that automates actions on meetup. This is the start - reverse engineer the concept of and rebuild it as Nikola sites.


Had a break from the usual imagination landscapes. Or as Bill told me 'doodles'. It doesn't bother me, he teaches Microsoft focused Computer Science at a uni.

This was drawn from RedditGetsDrawn. wtvrmelon and hannahthepalindrome. Filled the negative space around the portraits with squares and squiggles.


Grayscale tonal layer of the following line work. Must of been getting sick of drawing the imagination line pieces and created a grayscale tonal layer.


I like the animal on the bottom left.


Towers, rectangles to build a wall. Landscape.


Idea to modify the bot to tweet images. Currently it is only tweeting random blog posts and would be easy enough to open those posts up and tweet the images/ content.


This was drawn at wlug. The topic was Wayland and Mir as replacements for X11. I packed up the Pi after the talk but Ian did an excellent demo of Endless OS which I didn't get to take notes on.


Artwork from The Cure concert, life drawing on Friday and even kiwijam.


Standing pose in the centre of the model holding a wine glass. I took the liberty and filled the glass with bubbles. Standing around with an empty glass is pointless.

In the pose where the model is lying down her shoulder blades are very dominate - a spec of hair comes out the edge. It was quite cool. She lifted her legs up for this pose also - which helped to squeeze the figure in.


Final sitting pose for the day. Creating shapes on the model where the darker areas would be.


I attended Kiwijam in Hamilton. Last year I made it up to Auckland but this year I decided to stay behind. I spent the first few hours working further on the life drawing I had done that day - including a grayscale tonal layer of several of the poses.


Adalaide was the model. I had never drawn her before. This is the same pose from two different angles. I like how large her foot is in the left drawing. It's really coming forward. Feet are something I often ignore so proud of myself whenever I am happy with them. On the right is a front view. I like how these two drawings merge into each other and the use of negative space - the blanket from the left drawing covers the drawing on the right.


Warmups. I arrived just on time and the group started a several minutes late. I was struggling with the line work but improved as the session developed.


On Thursday night I went to Auckland and watched The Cure with my sister. I had not seen a concert live for years. I did not know at the time how to reduce the brightness on the Pi and didn't have my cellphone with me in order to look it up online. For the majority of the show I drew with the screen facing down. The lead to me having no idea to what I was drawing. Next time I will reduce the brightness on the Pi (didn't know how to at the time and no internet).


This was drawn before the show started. We arrived 2 hours before the show started so I had plenty of time to draw.


At Kiwijam my group is making a game about building a wall around Trump. This is the colour layer I completed. Have yet to pass it onto the group yet - and it's unlikely that they need it.


Grayscale tonal layer for the Trump Wall game. This was drawn today and given to the group. I look forward to seeing if they got much use out of it.


Trump Wall line layer. This was drawn Friday night but wasn't given to the group until Saturday morning. Again, interested to see if/how this will be used in the game. It will likely have elements of it turned to vectors - but who knows.


In the past week I have completed 4 paintings. There is spose to be a 5th here but I forgot to export it and can't be bothered to sort it now. I will include it in the next post.

The following art was created at Life Drawing Hamilton on Friday and Hamilton Computer Club on Thursday/Saturday. My life consists of meet ups.


This was started during Thursday night meeting of Hamilton Computer Club. Linda did a talk on editing photos with Google software. She also showed how to create ecards with the website I think I would rather do something original for an ecard. When I use to have Facebook I would draw/paint portraits of my friends for their birthday and post it to their wall.

The figure drawings are the next day - life drawing Hamilton. I had drawn the model once before. These are the warm up - 2 minute poses.


Longer 5 min poses. I found it hard to concentrate and went to the toilet and even walked outside and made a phone call. Sometimes I feel I attend just so that there is enough people. Of course this isn't true and it's best I just attend each week and have a positive attitude.


The final three poses for the day. These were longer 15/20 minute poses. I did move for the third one.


Started with a drawing of Maddie from a SIA video. When I got home from life drawing a bunch of Creative Commons pamphlets had arrived. This caused me to be inspired to work on ccanz stuff - including drawing of the pamphlets. In order for the page to not be too blank I filled the empty areas with a landscape.

On Thursday night I am attending The Cure concert and planning on bringing the Pi along and drawings. I won't walk in with it but will set it up once I have my seat. Hopefully I get through security with it.


Slight break between posts. I have been drawing though, but been travelling for the past week. I went down to Napier (where I mostly did reading since the weather was bad), and up to Auckland for a half day conference and got along to a bunch of meet ups at the same time. It's been a great trip but happy to be home to rest. Here is the artwork created during the trip.


This was started before the trip. On the bottom left are two characters that were refered from Raspberry Pi artwork. The rest of the page has drawings of Matamata - a town I stopped by in for the day on the way to Napier. There is also the usual landscapes and spikes happening.


I had KFC for lunch in Matamata. It was a large lunch and I stayed there for sometime and drew - my coke container and bench. It was a cold day so needed to be inside.


EnterTheGungeon line drawing. The reference was a image on RedditGetsDrawn.


Grayscale layer of EnterTheGungeon. Slightly incomplete but it's good enough.


My reason for going to Auckland was to attend Adobe MakeIt. I'm really not a user of Adobe products but I thought I would go anyway - for the experience. I don't attend attended art/design conferences often so it certain was an experience.

At the registration desk they told me that there was a draw wall - an area setup with sharper markies to draw on. I couldn't resist myself and got stuck into it before the conference and during the break. Often people are disturbed by my artwork so it was interested to see the reactions I got. Towards the end of the break I had a woman - Tui talk to me and asked me what I was drawing. I explained it's just a character and a landscape in the background. Adobe were happy with my effort. Shout out to them for letting me attend and whoever idea it was for a draw wall. It helped me. Allot.

During the conference speakers I drew. It was mostly notes from the slides and what they were saying. These first notes were about the video features in Adobe products. There was some impressive features but I think I will just stick to OpenShot.


The final notes of the day. The best talk of the day was Mark G who is a astro photographer that talked about his trips to Kenya. His slides were full of photographs and videos and his comments were excellent. My sister would of liked the talk - she's more of a photographer than I am.

I face-palmed several times during the conference, especially at comments such as open, free, alternative download and upload terms (sucking is a thing?). There was allot some good comedy which got a laugh from the crowd.

Would attend again.


Before attending Adobe MakeIt I went to a lunchtime Microsoft Azure meet up. The topic was b2c aka identity management. This is something of great interest of mine - I've played around in the past with python scripts to log users and passwords. Microsoft supplied an excellent lunch and I had a chance to chat to several people (mostly about my Pi setup). I need a pamphlet to hand to people that ask me about this!

The talk itself was good. It was presented by two people from Datacom. There were slides and a demo followed by questions. Security is a big part of Identity management so when they dropped the H bomb it was funny. It would be better if they used cracking or pwned. Makes more sense. Anyway, it gave me a chuckle.


This was the only drawing I did when was in Napier. The wealth was horrible the first two days so I stayed inside and did reading. Finished a bunch of books including War and Peace. Finally on the Sunday it cleared up somewhat and I headed to the city to draw. The waterfront was freezing so I didn't stay for long. I sat outside Napier Public Library for 30 mins and drew.


Straight after Adobe MakeIt I attended Serverless Auckland. The speaker was Sam (@samkroom) who gave an overall of what serverless is. These are the notes I took during the meet up. Sorry for the lack of thick to thin. It was an excellent talk and I learnt allot about serverless.


Drawing before the trip.


Another drawing in Matamata. Focus on the buildings and trees. LOTR and Hobbit fans would love this town.


On the night I arrived to Auckland I attended WordPress Auckland (notice everymeetup I've attended I don't really use the products and services). The people were great. There was no speaker instead they held a q&a. I enjoyed it and I was able to push Creative Commons (their site is WordPress) and GovHack.


Two portraits. The one on the left is katie_pornhub and on the right yummycakeface. These are both created using reference from RedditGetsDrawn.

That was a big post. No life drawing, but hoping to make it to a session tomorrow. Many thanks to all the organisers and sponsors of the events.


Artwork from the June wlug meeting, Vision Collage App meetup and life drawing.


This was drawn before wlug.


Life drawing. Peter a regular from the group was the model. It's the first time since I started attending life drawing in Hamilton that we had a male model - it was a nice change.

I liked the pose and drawing on the right. The circle bald spot on his head is shown - surrounded by spiky straight hair. His arms rested on his knees. These were 5 minute poses.


Sitting pose. This was a 10 minute pose that was drawn before the break. Instead of sitting looking out the window I decided to sit on the other side of the room - looking out towards the kitchen and toilets. The ladies bathroom door is visible.


After the break a long 40 minute pose. I used dots on the figures leg in order to show the spotty completion of that area of the body. On the bottom is a portrait of a fellow artist. The USB cable for my power pack and unstable so I don't like walking around the room with the Pi, forcing me to stay in the same spot. Need a new USB cable!


I like the portrait on the left. It has a nice style and it's captured the likeness of the model.


The warm up poses for the day. A series of 2 minute poses. Peter was excellent with the use of props - a wooden stick and chairs.


Imagination landscape.


On Thursday night I attended an IT meet up at Vision Collage. These were the notes I took during the meet up from the three speakers.


The second page of notes from the IT meet up at Vision Collage.


Notes taken during WLUG June meeting. The topic was systemd. It was interesting and I learnt some new commands.


Artwork from the past few days. I attended life drawing on Friday which was excellent and on Saturday - Hamilton Book Club. I also read The Wrath of Grapes.


The Wrath of Grapes and 12 Monkeys. I watched season two of 12 monkeys and drew this as I was watching it.


Warm up poses. I hadn't drawn the model before The model was older but had a slim figure with short curly hair.


The final poses for the day. I did draw the final pose but when I checked my charge level I bumped the cable the computer reset. My final drawing was lost but whatever - it was only 15 minutes of drawing.


Sitting poses. Some I get poses which are back poses which gives me little to draw. Not here though. I guess it's one of the disadvantages of sitting on the side of the room by myself.


Using old life drawing and blog posts as reference and redrawing elements of it.


Seven recent artworks. Sadly I lost the wireless dongle for my wacom tablet so I have had to go back to using a normal USB cable. I only owned the dongle for a week before it fell out of the drawing tablet when I was walking home. When I buy a new one in the future I will tape the battery in so that it doesn't fall out. I have lost the cover for the wacom to keep the battery safe. It was upsetting for the first couple of days that I lost it - basically the same as throwing 70 dollars down the drain. Anyway I think I'm over it now and just been drawing in my room mostly.


Created at Hamilton Python Users Group. For this meeting we didn't have a speaker, instead we watched two videos from the recent pycon. I had seen both the videos but it was enjoyable to re-watch and see peoples reactions. The artwork includes notes from the when is it good to be bad talk.


Drawn during all you can eat hells pizza. Landscapes, towers, a magical forest.


I'm doing a course on statistics. Started taking notes on it but got distracted and did Pepper and Carrot sketches instead.


Thursday night I attended Hamilton Book Club. These are the notes that I took during the meeting. I hadn't finished the book myself. People really seemed to enjoy it. It annoyed me that the characters did not have names.


Getting back to some World Trade Centre artwork using photograph and diagram references.


More Word Trade Centre artwork - photo reference of Windows of the World restaurant.


Artwork from the past few days. Attended Hamilton Writers Den, Hamilton Computer Club and life drawing. At all events I was able to draw, here are the results along with some art I created at home.


This was created at home with the new wireless dongle I got for the wacom tablet. I have had the wacom for years and never got one - until now. I am having some issues with the pressure sensitivity not working all the time with it - but I think it's due to over loading the power supply (am getting the rainbow symbol in the top right of the pi letting me know that there isn't enough power). I would like to get a battery pack that is 5v 3amp.

The majority of this drawing isn't using the pressure sensitivity but some testing squiggles are working correctly - these were done at computer club when I was demoing the wireless wacom. The demo gods were favourable.


Life drawing grayscale layer. This was a sitting pose and the woman had her back to me. It was still interesting to draw and I didn't need to move around the room. This is the only grayscale layer created.


Life drawing line layer. Missing a head! Drew the blanket the model was sitting on.


Reclining pose. I quite like this. Managed to capture the full figure - something I was struggling with at my other two life drawing sessions that I have attended in Hamilton. On the top right is a sitting pose - from behind. I always sit so I can see out to the Waikato river - started drawing branches and leaves from the view. No water was drawn.


Two standing poses - bother from behind (I'm getting plenty of behind views). Around the figures I doodled landscapes and shapes.


Warm up poses. When I made it to to the last life drawing I was late and missed out on the warm ups. It's very important to warm up and since it's only two hours (including the break) there is very little time to warm up. All the poses are squeezed into the one layer. There is often no time to create a new layer for a pose and it's better to just overlap the drawings.


Continued with abandoned water purification plant, though here I've written water treatment plant. Same kind of idea. Drawing plenty of circles.


On Thursday evening I attended Writers Den Hamilton. This was the writing exercise we did during the meet up. We went around the room and spoke a word that we then used to turn into a story. My word was layers.

The drawings around the writing was created at Hamilton Computer Club. The speaker was two guys from PB Tech.