Lack of updates. Been busy with other projects but heres some artwork. Starting new job soon which will keep me busy, but hope to still update this now and then.


a landscape of a character in water


portrait drawing of usernamealreadyyours from redditgetsdrawn


portrait drawing of kartofelki from redditgetsdrawn


A gasmask drawing. I have been wearing a mash outside sometimes due to the bushfire smoke.


I have a nintento switch and Zelda Breath of the Wild. This is a fanart drawing of a character from the game.


Another Zelda fanart drawing of Link climbing and of the games title.


Portrait drawing of xiopath from redditgetsdrawn


Looplandscape drawing




Fanart drawing of game mana spark which I brought from the switch store for $1.50


Having a go with a new function for adding art to markdown. The previous function I used to do this would take all the artwork for today (galleries, year, month, day) and it would create the markdown from this data. Embedding the images into the markdown file. I then had to open the markdown file up and add in comments about each piece of artwork. I don't want to do this. I want to do this with a python function. So now this function asks for the piece of artwork, and a comment, and then appends the data into the markdown. I think a front-end would really help which renders the image and the name, allowing user to type comment in textbox.

Anyway, here is some artwork.


a landscape from imagination. Chinese Pinyin surrounding. It has been awhile since I have practiced.


A portrait from RGD. This is of Pillsbiruru. I like her large glasses. They remind me of mine.


A figure from imagination. They are pointing to the side. Rectangles in the background, with spiky mountains behind them. In the foreground is swift water


A landscape. Skinny long tree in the center with branches coming 0ff. For the leaves sharp fin triangles. Diamonds scatter the sky.


A landscape. Framed for mountains, Squared spike in the center. Few clouds and lots of circles in the sky.


Another landscape. The water at the bottom is very thick, the line has been repeated several times. A character in the back. With clouds in the sky.


A start of a portrait from RGD. I never wrote down the name of the user.


A portrait of nara


A portrait. Random Joy Division quote at the time. I guess I was listening to some Joy Division and thinking about Wellington.


The Raspberry Pi 3 with official 7 inch tft is working. After my last laptop died I decided to put it back together and it worked. I don't plan on moving it - the ribbon is quite dodgy. But at least I can hold up on getting a new laptop.

Here's recent artwork - mostly from Joker and Ludum Dare.


A Joker like character in the middle. A female form to the side. A quote from the film. And continue Ludum Dare idea of making cinematic crime game.


Joker portrait. Diamonds above his eyes. Darkness under his eyes. A full figure to the side, with hahaha being bellowed out.


smiles in the sky.


Character portrait on the right. Landscape in the background.


Characters with one left and a landscape.


Start with Nothing was the theme for the recent Ludum Dare. I didn't have a hackathon on during this time so I decided to draw concept art - both pen and digital drawing. I even opened Blender on the Raspberry Pi 3 and created a model. I didn't take it into Unity3d. But it was something.


I drew this well watching Castlevaina. References to religion, vampires, church etc.


Vampire character (Castlevaina continued...) with arms up and to the side. Shield with cross, dagger. Water and mountains in the distance. Clouds and sun in the sky.


Redraw of API Days Melbourne notebook notes. Contino had good slides and I enjoyed drawing the characters on their slides.




Since both my Pi screens are currently not working I have decided to use a laptop to create artwork. It has been many years since I have done this. I am also recording the drawing and uploaded the footage to YouTube. This is something I use to do also but stopped when I started drawing on the Pi.

Here is some artwork, mostly from refernce on RedditGetsDrawn. The video for the RGD portraits is on YouTube: RGD Sept Mid


Drawing of friend of Chentex holding a donut. I love donuts.


Chantegreen RGD drawing. I like the angle of the head and the hand is near the mouth. Included a landscape in the background with a sun.


A landscape drawing. Warmup


Another drawing of Lucy. It's from the same reference photo but this time I spent more time on it, and also included her bust. The recording of the drawing is on YouTube: lucy drawing


Missed a month of updates. My portable screen broke so I have not had a screen that is good for outside. Here are a few works I created on the larger pi.

I'm running a fundraiser on Facebook in order to fund this art site, along with code. Check out, donate, and share: williams artwork and code living fund


A spike hair character with a landscape. Rick and Morty inspire


A panel from a redraw of recent Phill from GCHQ comic.


The Raspberry Pi logo with a landscape.


Redraw of Pepper and Carrot Episode 30 panel. I liked this episode because there is lots of landscape and building internals to draw. This is a new character and cat which is always fun to draw.


Carrot marching towards his home. He wants pats and hugs.


New pi start drawing during my recent trip to Brisbane


A character with lots of circles in a landscape.


A portrait of Lucy.