Light Throw Tests

This week I've spent learning Java. It's been fun and I feel I've made real progress with it. Aimed for at least 6 hours of it every day. I got to a point where I needed a break. I needed to do something creative. Not that Java isn't creative, just need to get my visual art fix in. I decided to get stuck back into Blender. I havn't done anything in Blender for about 2 weeks and it was wonderful to get back into it. Started a new project in it (I feel bad constintly starting new projects on it. But it's all just a learning experience. I want to take my life drawings into Blender and model and texture them.  I took this into blender - splitting it into two image files and using it as reference on two planes. This is the setup I used. Reference is very important - otherwise I just sit in Blender mucking around - and not get anything done. Using my own life drawings means I'm creating truly original models as well - no stock photos! This is what I modeled. I tried to apply two legs to the figure but it just wasn't looking correct - so kept with just a single leg. Guess the character can HOP along! Quick skeleton is applied as well - I feel more confident completing these models now. To mix things up and learn something new I decied to not use lights but instead light with these three cubes. This tuturial was helpful to learn this technique: I'd like to experiment with these effect further - maybe creating a texture on a surface then turn it into a light - could give some interesting effects. YEAH, LIGHT! I'm not going to bother with a video for this - I've only rendered four seconds of animation. I'll work on this further and upload when I have closer to thirty seconds of footage.

Figurative Expressions Russel

It had been a week since I'd been into TLC. Today was Dans life drawing class. The model was Russel. The class wasn't partially full, a decent amount of people but still enough room to move about without bumping shoulders. I used colored pencil for the majority of the day, with a small amount of 4b pencil in the afternoon. Here's the work These are the warmups. All are around 20 seconds. I'm rather happy with these. It wasn't my most successful life drawing day but I feel I started well and ended on a good note. Fifteen minutes were spent working on these quick works - so able to get plenty of figures down. And If it's not the best pose - Don't have to wait long till it changes! The left side of the page. Photo was taken close up in order to get a decent view of the art. Lots of line! Series of three poses in the morning. These were 10 mins each I believe. The right is my favorite., it's got the most going for it. Others commented about it as well including Dan, Leah, and Rachel. Turning the model into 'basic' shapes. A new way I'm looking at the model - this will make it easy to take the figure into blender. Afternoon scribble. 4b pencil was used. Some tone used in the arm and such - line has been a focus in my work.  Here I'm looking at the same pose from multipy angles in order to try to understand the 3d form better. I said to Dan that I'll like to paint on Friday. I havn't painted for a long time, I strugged drawing for 6 hours today and I'd like to relax with paint for the day on Friday. I'll work on different angled figure poses in the Monday class and paint on Fridays.

IOGraph Artworks

I've been using a program called IOGraph. It runs in the background of the computer and records mouse movements - to create abstract artwork. I'm very interesting in this idea of letting the computer 'create' artwork and I've liked the several works made already. Here they are.  1.2 hours of mouse movement in the early hours of the morning. 3.3 hours. As you can see far more activity on the left side of the page. The black circles are clicks. An hour. Guess whos using stumble upon lots? I'd like to see this program developed to create color, and be affected by keyboard movements. Still, fun program. I'll aim to keep it running and make regular updates of artwork created. Go download and have a go yourself!

Vincents Life Drawing - Lee Thursday

The week of Vincents of life drawing is over. I won't make it next week due to having plently of  life drawing classes at TLC to attend. My flatmate Kunal attended Vincents with me this week. It was the 2nd time he had done life drawing. Had Lee for a model. I think it was the first time she had modeled for Vincents - her confidence levels seemed low compared to drawing her at TLC. But still, I enjoyed drawing her. I worked from a sketch pad 16cm by 16cm. Sennellier. The paper had a slight texture and off white look. It holds pencil pigment nicely. Two minute poses. These are all standing - many very similar. Fine though. I started color in one drawing, but two mintues isn't long to capture much tone. Leg studies. Focus like always is looking for those lights in darks in order to show the shape of the model. I quite like these. Decent for 5 min drawings. A portrait. It's always a good idea to work on a portrait regularly to keep those skills up :D I've been enjoying this simple color scheme. Yellow for light, red for dark, and blue for negative space. Normally on a Thursday Vincents has one forty minute pose. People wanted two twenty like Tuesdays - so it was decided. Two twentys. I spent ten mins drawing the model in this and the rest of the time working with the background and such. Great to do when you lose interest in the pose. Thanks Lee for the wonderful modeling. And Kunal for coming along  

Vincents Tuesday April

Drawings from Vincents. I went in with a a3 visual diary and pencil. And, colored pencils. Stuck with primary - yellow, red, and two blues. The yellow and red was used mostly on the model - yellow for light, red for darks. Blue for the negative space. I hadn't been since some point last term. It was great to see people - Phillip was there who I hadnt seen since some point last year. Freeman White also made it. I had drawn the model before - can't remember her name. She has a similar look to Helena Bonham Carter. Always enjoy drawing her. These are five two minute poses. Kept with HB pencil and strong straight lines. Black colored pencil would of worked well and stood out better. I feel I had a stronger knowledge of the 3d form after the time spent working with Blender. The 5 min poses. Color added to the figure - yellow and red. Blue is used for negative areas. This allows for clear contrast. I started with drawing a nipple and working out from there. Helps with getting everything looking right. I guess that's why I find drawing females easier - boobs are great reference for measuring, guys - the information isn't there. Though guys do have some advantages - like facial hair! All these were similar standing poses. Standing is one of my favourite as it gives me a great view of the overall model. Onto 10 mins... I switched colors. Gave Phillip several of my colored pencils to experiment with. He normally works just with pencil. I can't do that - color is important for me. Especially in longer poses. Grey was used in several of these works. In the middle pose the model posed by lying back on the chair. This causes an interesting shape - partially with creating a flat look in the breasts. Basically looking from beneath. Final 20 mins. I'm especially happy with these and feel I've managed to capture the model well. Has my life drawing improved during the break? I'd like to think so. I'll likely make it to Vincents again tomorrow. Unlikely to attend next weeks as TLC has life drawing on Monday and Friday. YAY life drawing.  

Robot Animation Tests

Ok. So I went Vincents life drawing. It had been awhile. Successful night, This post isn't about life drawing though, blender update. I've been a bit less motivated these past days to produce much. Tired and feeling generally down doesn't help. The life drawing at Vincents was a boost. I plan to transfer this energy to Mondays class next week. I made a car thing in Maya. It isnt much but better then what I did with my time at UCOL. There are also several angles of a walk cycle. I'd like to do more cell animation. A weekly walk cycle could be a good challenge. Planning and ideas is needed for future Blender projects.

Fail First

Still no drawing or painting to upload despite making a return today to TLC. In the morning we watched slideshows and talked about life drawing. It was much the same as normal for  the class. Good to catch up with old faces and met new ones though! Gonna crash Marcy Marcs on Thursday. In the afternoon Dan modeled for the class (clothed). I felt horrible so went to the common room and played Half Life 2 and did a bit in Blender for the rest of the afternoon. Just wasn't the time. I'm hoping next week I can get into the flow - it was quite a depressing afternoon thinking - geeze, why don't I have the motivation to draw. Setups also the other. I didn't plan out to draw today. Here's a drawing I did in bed the other day.   This was all done in colored pencil. No reference, just sketching down ideas. I think this is really important. Too often I get trapped into using a reference and it's just nice and free to work out of my head. Especially using it as and exercise to get to sleep! The Robot inspired head I animated. I'd like to create a talking model in Blender - especially a robot like this one. I might take this idea into Blender tomorrow and explore. That's all for tonight. Goodnight.

New Scene Tests

Spent most of today working with Blender. I mucked around with the scene but decided to start something fresh. I needed new inspration. I started a new project and here's what I've done: Some screen shots: Walk cycle is in there- even if it's rough. I know how to create actions and dublicate them - now I need to learn how to create multiply actions and 'link' them together. When I have something like that happening I'll feel great. I need to explore modeling further. I'm going to keep it simple with low poly modeling. Textures - create legit UV maps for my models, using my own artwork. Learn more about Rigging. More.

April Block Blender Tests

Didn't end up going into TLC this week. Spent the day working with Blender and looking into game engines. Over the last few weeks I've downloaded several game engines - steam (which I used years ago with Count Strike 1.5), Unreal, Unity3d, and the Cry Engine. I'd like to get some good models/textures and animation done in Blender then look into importing these models into a Engine. But that's jumping ahead too far. For now I want to focus on learning Blender further. Everyday I'm learning something new from it. I've drawn a little - mostly just sketches with no reference. Done when in bed. I'll upload them in a future post. Long passageway. Used to make a long walk cycle and move various objects on the side. Need to improve textures and modeling on the overall scene. This was a better camera angle then the one I ended up Rendering. I'm work in Blender with two windows systems. Color sceme ideas. I'm going to keep with my color pencil insprations here - blue for negative areas. Figures and objects will be in reds and yellows. Having a color set will help the scenes flow together. Finally, here's the video: