Charcoal Colorzz - Friday model

  Life drawing. Lorraine was the model. I had her for a model last weekend so it was great to have her again on Friday. I didn't use any graphite today, instead a charcoal pencil.  Got it in the morning on Friday - It's been a long time since I've brought a new media so thought I'd give it a go. Charcoal pencil is 4b - Soft. I'd rather a harder charcoal, maybe HB? Might check French Art Shop or Gordan Harris. Anyway. Here is 6 hours of Life Drawing Dans Friday class - Experimental Drawing.   I've kept with the theme of working with shapes, exploring straight lines in this one. T he charcoal is dark so the drawings are clear. I have problems with the lighter graphite, especially HB. It's got to have colored pencil added be notable.  More of that same page. This was one of my larger figures of the day. I've been working smaller recently.... but exploring a range of sizes. Easier to fit everyting in!. This shading techniques on this image is quick straight lines. Areas that are dark I've made a harsher mark. With the direction of the marks attempted direction movements in order to create depth and 3d. Color! Kept with my recent color palette with a slight switch Yellow for the lights, blue for the negative space. For the darks I've switched to a brown grey colored pencil, no dark reds.

I really like the line work on these. Some areas arn;t working right though. Far left figures shouders need a sharper line - it's currecntly just curved and has no impact. Maybe because of the shading on the arm, may help with more contrast (notice the middle figure and the contrast between charcoal and blue). The legs are strong on this figure. I've been spenting time on Concept Art looking at Pencil Sketchbooks. Again, these lines are working. I'll keep working on that S and perfect those curves. Along with a strong straight line \, will create a wonderful contrast in my drawings. 

Free oil pastels! Just cheap ones, but I was quick to grab several colors - including a white!. Here I've used white and blue together to color the figure. I'm looking forward to more oil pastel as I started it at the end of last term with the plan to keep it going this term - but switched back to colored pencils. Whatever media I feel like using I should do it - don't let planning take over

Oil pastel again, this time two yellows for the lights and darks. Charcoal was built up over the pastel which is one advantage over graphite.

I'm happy with how this figure turned out. It was great to get back to working with the oil pastel.

More pratice with those curves.. few doodles here and there.  This page started with a drawing of megan (middle lower). The pose wasn't working for me - lying down with only back visible. Makes it hard to draw those limbs... so I drew Megan. I had to use the orange for her hair and the theme continued in the drawing of Lor and the final, gesteral works. Again, just exploring techniques I've covered in this post. Life drawing tomorrow., Georgette is the model! I plan to use charcoal and oil pastel... see what happens with the colored pencils - used them lots drawing portraits at Matchbox last night.

Lighting Particle Testz

I think I better make am update on how my Blender work is going, I haven't done much recently so hope this serves as an wakeup call to work on Blender more. Need that energy... Normally I have photos to go along with this video footage - I've been quite good at taking a screenshot of my work as I've been using Blender and pasting this into GIMP where I can edit it down and save as a jpeg. Next time. I need to get more complete scenes done, I've got so much models that I've been messing around with I need to go back and review and enhance. Life Drawing Friday. This makes me happy.  

ra1nz weekend life drawinz

Dan had a weekend class - Figurative Expressions. He mentioned he liked it call it this rather then drawing as people are free to explore other medians - like paint and sculpture. Knowing Dan - he won't mind if you paint during a experimental drawing.

We had two models. On the Saturday - a male, and Sunday - a female. Both Days were a success, partially the works on Saturday and final works on Sunday. Longer poses didn't go well surprising. 
Action poses. From Saturday. I constructed the model out of shapes. I don't like measuring these shapes, they are always estimates.  I wanted to practice creating perspective around the model - this is why I used simple lines to contract an environment.
These are more developed - color! I stuck with yellow and blue for the negative space. On the Saturday the focus was on line so it was hard to capture tones - so I've just given it a flat color. Again - using lines in the negative space to construct an environment for the figures.
The drawing on the bottom right is working - torso, upper legs, and knees captured. I've been practicing the 'S' shape - in order to create a fluid line - I focus so much on straight lines - it's important that I can produce other types of line.
These were some of the final drawings of the weekend - and some of my favorites. Dan was impressed by the scale change of the models/ I wanted to line up a character\.
And the final two from that sheet. As you can see I'm working landscape apposed to horizontal. It's a habit I've picked up with all the brown paper drawings with life drawing. I enjoy it.
More pratice of the 's' mark. I partically enjoy those legs that I colored around with blue, Forms really working. I'll like to develop this further.
Need to create better lines.
I dared to use some promarkers. They just don't do it for me.
This created an interesting perspective - leaning backwards while lying down. The few shapes I used created a basic idea of the shape of the model.
okk, im tired so this will do. overall a wonderful weekend life drawing. I've been rather useless on the computer lately - i think i need a break. but any computer work I do will be - Blender. Still more to learn. Need to render more material, expand particle systems further. 
gamedev. I had a blast with Hammer tonight. It's ok, but really what I need to do is import my blender material into Hammer. I've had a go with Unity3d, importing a .blend file. Though, no success it's something I could use Youtube and find tutorials. 
programming. I made a basic roguelike last week with python, I'd like to explore this further. Especially look at ideas that would allow me to create a 3d Roguelike
Maybe writting more. That could always be helpful.
I hope you like the life drawing. More will be happening this Friday. I'm not sure who the model will be. But it will be a female! I'll be using pencil and colored pencils again - lifting off where Sunday left me.

Roguelike Python

So this week has flown by. I didn't get half the stuff I wanted to get done. I'm happy with my blender work. and the small level I made in the Hammer editor - lighting has been a big theme for the week. Today I decided to get back into using python. I needed a project to work on. Something that could work with the blender works or my artwork in general. Roguelike. So using Python and this guide I've been working on creating a Roguelike. Here's a screenshot so far. I felt I've learnt alot about game mechanics with this tutorial. I'll keep working on it tonight and see where I go. Life drawing tomorrow and Sunday. Have the make the Sunday market as well! It would be awesome to create a 3d Roguelike with my own artwork and design.

May Monday Life Drawing

Life drawing from earlier this week - Monday. Since then I have spent most of my time working in Blender and Hammer. I've been experimenting with lighting - using blue to light a room. Anyway, my digital camera broke. Awile ago I dropped it, since then it has only gotten worse. So I'm using my laptop to take photos of my artwork. With decent lighting it works fine. Focus is off on some of these. Sorry. Warmups. This went for over an hour. It was a good start.  On the right side - the model spent 10 mins on each pose - rotating on the spot. I'll take a better photo of these and import it into blender. Still no tablet pen for digital painting. Looking forward to getting a new one - I'll be able to digitally paint my life drawings onto UV shapes. Here's something a bit different. My blue watercolor pen was used for the line. It had been a long time since I had used a wet media. I have gouache that I need to buy a new brush for. I had a brush but lost it. Shame really. I'll buy another from French Art. Colored pencil was used for the tone. This was majority imaginary lighting. Here the spotlight was on the model. She was in the darkest place in the room. Another - rotational pose. Looking at the now - the light could have rotated around with the model. Creating a truly magical 3d drawing. Still looking at each of the 3 poses you are able to get a sense of how the model is sitting in space. I'll like to keep with this color scheme. Seeing where I can push the blues and yellow/red mixtures. The tests I've been doing inside of Hammer involve blue lighting. Brick and green grass used for the envoriment. I'd like to texture it myself and spawn my own models. Maybe just walking about the level. Interactive town. Lots of Life Drawing this weekend - Saturday and Sunday - then going though to Monday. It will be a clothed model on Monday so I'll see how I go - two days may be enough....

GIMP 2.8

So GIMP 2.8 has been released. It's totally sweet. Loving the single window view - no longer are my buttons getting mixed up on other displays. There are other


Tribute. Planning to model this suit in blender. It seems easy enough and can use it as a costume for a character. I have a basic few characters that I'm happy with (still need to tweck mesh on many. More detail is whats needed more. Buildings. Streets. I need a world created.  Planes with the drawings UV mapped onto them. I need to learn more advance texturing techniques. Need to watch more youtube Here's what I modeled (and textured) out of the life drawings. Again - no head was modeled. I think it works well. It certainly gives it a different look. Lighting in this cubes with colored material. I'd like to digitally paint the colors then use that as lighting. More interesting then using normal spot lights. Here is a bunch of rendered material: The most recent works. I'm looking forward to experiemtning with these more - opening up older blender files and editing them again with the skills I have learnt.

Blender and GIMP Works

Made a new model. It's rough and still need lots of work. I modeled it off a life drawing from Fridays class. It's not exactly like the drawing - I let my imagination take over towards the end. I atttempted a walk cycled. I messed it up. It's certainly something I need to pratice more. For the lighting I used emited lights. These

Russel Friday Life Drawings

Friday went well. Russel was the model again. I wasn't happy with the works I drew on Monday - just wasn't in a good space. Friday was much better! My surface to work on was large. I turned a fold up table on its side and used it as a backing board! I had pre-cut most of the paper so the size isn't larger that I'm working on - though I was able to fit more figures along the page. Wish I had taken photos! I'm planning on doing it again (maybe even on Monday if there is room) so will be able to upload photos of the setup. People were impressed! Here's the drawings from the day. All completed with 4b pencil and colored pencils: Gestural, warm ups. I've been exploring turning the figure into shapes in order to capture the complete model quickly. Enjoyable. The pencil has been nice to use - I spent so much time with colored pencil, the detail and feel of pencil is different... strange really. This was a final pose of the day. I had asked if we could do a series of poses. Each pose was two minutes - and I'd get the model to spin around on the spot - holding the same pose. This allows me to capture the front, side and back. Russel misunderstood this and choose a new 'action' pose each spin. I really love this one though - maybe I'll have to ask other models to redo this pose. Bringing a gun (toy of course) to class could work well.The word for this pose was dance. Again - I could see this working well for a spinning pose. All it really needs is better lighting so I can capture the lights and darks quickly. Flat lighting is hard.   With this Russel held the same pose in each turn. Can totally tell that he's turning around. I'll take this into Blender/3d and model it out. Wish it had color!  Gestural works. Lots of experimenting with scale. I think I spent an hour working on the same paper so build up a large amount of figures on the same page. I'd like to work with more of those two min poses - collecting a large amount of model rotation poses. All on the same page would be impressive.  Color. Different. Using green as a line  Longer poses. I wasn't happy with this pose - back poses like this always give me very little to work with. I had a go with my white charcoal - something I havn't used since the beginning of last term Another longer pose. I'm not sure if this is working - it seems broken and incomplete.Another turning model pose. Again I'll take this into Blender and model it out. I had time to capture some light in the pose but would like to have a better lighting setup so I didn't struggle so much.  I quite like how this came out. Exploring perspective with both feet - especially the one that's close! Dan talked about the negative spare - mentioning how some of the lines are working and some seem off.  This is tidyer. I like tidy. Even though my bedroom is a total mess. I like clarity in my life drawing. The left foot is working well - got positive comments from Megan and Dan about this. The middle portrait is my favorite portrait of the day. Dan mentioned - It's very Russel. The shading technique - straight lines is new for me and I'll explore it further. An exercise Dan got some of the class to do was straight lines. I was impressed by several works in the class. Including Megans - who was using promarkers to draw. I've used promarkers once for life drawing and struggled. It could be good for me to give them ago again - pencil dominates so much of my work. It was good I used oil pastel for Christenas block class at the end of An last - the final of gestural works. These are mostly done with my right hand (I'm normally left handed). These other hand works are working better then normal. So simple but creates a effective line. Maybe I'll work like this further. COLOR. RAWR,

IOGraph - Days of Dots

Just leaving IOGraph to do its thing. Some impressive and interesting works. Need to experiment with it in GIMP - colors... layers... would like to take these further into 3d.... textures. Once the sun is out I'll take photos of life drawing from Friday and write a post. Plenty to say. More life drawing Monday... then for the rest of the week I'll work on creating models and textures within Blender. Should do some Java as well.