Landscape Binge Braid

Spent the day working with on more landscape paintings... all from imagination but trying to extend and develop them each time. These are turning into a series. I've been using the same colors throughout these works and only increasing the white or black in colors... this helps keep a constant. I live with my friend Andrew now and I've been showing him the paintings to get some feedback. I get very little feedback on my artwork so it's always good to talk about it. Anyway, here's the works I did today. Starting off how I commonly do - with grayscale shapes. This is chaos. I don't really know where I'm going but I just put down shapes that are pleasing to my eyes - with the intent to define them further later. Color added. I feel color really helps me define areas. I should get better at defining with black and white. Maybe I'm too quick to move onto color at times. Got to love color though! The opacity in my brush is dropping... getting as low as 30% at times. I feel this allows me to layer easier which gives more depth into the painting. The color was too powerful so I went in with plenty of white and black. I'm not sure if it helped greatly. This is one of my least favorite works I've done recently. It's important that I try different ways of working... here I've worked heavy on the contrast of lights and darks. Maybe a bit too strong but I can always go in with color later and blend. I'm enjoying taking these colors into landscapes... I've used them alot in my life drawing and the landscapes have made them fresh and interesting. Andrew gave me some feedback on this - he mentioned it looked hellish but the blue gave a strong contrast. Perhaps a nice balance? I still wanted to push this further. Followed the same process as the previous work and overlaid white and black. I went easy on the black and instead increased the black of the colors - especially the blue. This worked better in many ways - black tends to kill a color but tinting enhances and blends the color together. Exciting. I'm happy how this one one was shaping up. I havn't used the blend tool recently in GIMP but decided to give it a go for this painting. I do enjoy the look of brush strokes and the blend tool does tend to kill these strokes. It's certainly changed the painting somewhat - certain areas are really glowing. I partially like the small mountain in the middle - the green glow on the left with contrasting reds on the right. Marc Hill always says 'balance your reds and greens'. I think this is a lovely balance of colors. More greens in the work maybe? This is the last painting I started working on. It's still a work in progress but I'll keep working on it. Decided to use a darker version of the red... certainly makes the image feel different. Just shows how important color is to a work. This is a random scrap that I didn't end up taking further. I'm really in a groove with these works so I'll keep developing them further and see where I get. These works are very inspired by the video game Braid.

Immigration Landscape

No digital painting today but yesterday I worked on two landscapes. I really enjoy doing these landscape works in GIMP, something different to the figure works. I limited my colors - keeping with just a yellow, red, and blue. Added white and black to everything. This was my first idea - from here I developed the same image with slight changes. This is how I started this out. Black background and working up white for the landscape. Like always - large flat brush. Varied brush strokes in order to create different textures. This is more important then with figures as these are build with abstract shapes.... important to define different elements.  Slight development here. Not a lot though. Here the colors have been worked up. I like to keep my palette limited... working on blending the colors up. And finally: Change with this - working with a blue background rather then grayscale. I had developed this further but I lost the data when I ripped my laptop out of the power today. Just shows how important it is to save regular 

Digital Portraits 4chan

Plenty of digital painting lately. I'm happy with my progress. The break I had was helpful, I feel very fresh and loose going back to it now. On 4chan the other day I downloaded a bunch of portraits that I then took into GIMP and painted. This was a nice change from pixellovely. First portrait: The reference that I found on 4chan. Pale but decent lighting - lighting is always important! I started with just focusing on the portrait - and working grayscale. As always, a large brush was used to block in the tone. I worked with the referece on my laptop and GIMP open in my Samsung. Working with multiply monitors makes the digital painting process smooth and seamless. I highly recommend working with multi monitors. Personally I could do with a 3rd screen. A blue is added to the background for something difference. It was just a grey but felt it needed a little color. Here I have scaled the portrait down in order to fit in more of the body. I've tried to keep everything loose and just roughly added the hands. These can be cleaned up at a later point. Important to get everything down for now. Now for some color to be added to the portrait. I kept with just two colors - the lighter yellow and a darker version of the same yellow. Keeping my palette clean and under control is important for me. Decided to add a pink to the mix, and work on those hands somewhere. At this point I'm just tweaking my painting to get it to a stage I'm happy with. From here I just left it. I doubt I'll work on it anymore. This was a great exercise to get me warmed up with working on a portrait for a period of time rather then quick life drawings from pixellovely. This was the 2nd portait I worked on. The lighting isn't as good on this one but I just love her hair - I had to paint it! 'Similar start to the previous painting. Keeping it grayscale. I kept with the same brush though both of these paintings - creating different textures by a variety of strokes.  Color added. I left plenty of black glow though in order to create depth. I find starting with a grey-scale image easier to work up then going straight in with colors. Next post will be landscape digital paintings - mostly from imaganation. Need to work on more Java as well - opened Eclipse yesterday and worked on a little but need to get more done. Blender is important as well. Have a fantastic day.

Ra1n Particle

  It's been awhile since I've uploaded any Blender work. Last night and this morning I worked on a new scene with new models and textures. The ideas are much of the same as previous blender works - particle and lighting tests with minimal modeling. I did model out some basic shapes in order to have something to work with. A chair, table, and two models where objects.   I'm not sure where to go with this work but I'll keep chugging along and hopefully get somewhere.  

Doodle Pixellovely Perspective

I've spent the majority of my time working on GIMP - digital painting. Mostly just doodles but  last night I did work from pixellovely. I've decided I like GIMP much more then Photoshop. It's friendly. Photoshop is just yuck. This is experimenting with shapes in perspective. During the term of life drawing I had an increasing interest in shapes after my time working in Blender (something I havn't worked on for a while.... I need to do more!). Taking these ideas into digital has been fun. I'll work on developing this further. Pixellovely sketches. I'm working with two minute timers on this. Again similar colors to what I've been doing in the past. I'll aim to spent a hour or so everyday working on these. Allows me to keep up with the figure works without attending life drawing classes. That's all for tonight. I've also started work on a painting - on a large long board. So far it's just in gouache but I'll develop it further with acrylic and oil paint. I don't have a photo of this currently but will take a photo tomorrow when there is decent light. Going to work on a collubrath painting with Andrew as well - have about 5 of these boards left.

Digital Levin Start EOW Doodle

So no updates for over a week. I've been playing Diablo 3 during the the week. I finished it on normal as a Wizard and partway though Nightmare. I'm not hugely motivated to play it right now - likely a good thing as I can get more important tasks done like artwork. I enjoyed the playthough but Blizzard isn't the same anymore. I have a new tablet pen and a new place to stay - so it's a fresh start. I havn't done any digital painting since I lost my tablet pen so I was happy to get back into it. Thought I'd give Photoshop CS5 a blast since I have it on this laptop (though recent updates to GIMP are wonderful). One of my goals I wanted to do with digital painting this month is look though my life drawings I've done this past term and paint over digitally. I wanted to stick with the colors that I had been using in traditional media, experimenting with techniques and brushes. I'm happy with this work but need to practice further with the digital tablet. No background. All from imagination. Background added. Painted this last night.when watching Primer. I've seen Primer several times before but it's that type of film that I never get sick of. The EOW of the week over at is Orbital Refinery. I want to get into these activitys now that my tablet is functioning. I visit the site often for inspiration. A google for Refinery gave me some images that I worked from but nothing I'm happy with. I havn't go alot of plans this week so may work on this further.  More ideas for the EOW. Mostly just sketches or doodles. These arn't really going anywhere. Shapes! I used perspective heavily in my life drawing this last term so want to transfer this to the digital realm. And finally, just a bunch of quick sketches. Again from imagination. This was just used as a exercise to warm up into using the tablet again. That's all for now. Expect to see further digital works.  

Art Journal Flip May 2012

Last weekend at Matchbox Studios I caught up with Catherine. I hadn't seen Catherine since early 2011 so it was great to see her. She mentioned it would be good to collaborate on something.... I thought a  decided to do a journal swap would be cool. The way we are working this journal swap. Both swap journals that's filled with drawing/paintings etc... and enhance and work over one anothers work. I'm really exciting to see what will come out of it. I have over the year followed her blog Black and Coloured Stuff. Go check it out, fantastic drawings and paintings. Plently of color which I'm always a fan of. Here's the journal that I'm going to be giving her this week. This is mostly filled with life drawings that I've painted over with gouache (found my nice blight brush recently). May take this into course tomorrow and life paint... something different to the drawing. I may do another journal flip of the journal she gives me - before and after is important.

Update IOGraph

So. I just remembered, It's been a long time since I've updated the blog with some IOGraph works. Recently I havn't been running the program (forget it open it). But I've got it running now... so expect more updates. Color! This was taken into Blender and used for a UV map on a model. Blender - something I should work with further..... neglected it recently. Great. Hope you liked these. I've been spending most of my time learning Java. It's been fun and I hope to make some cool programs with it. Life drawing on Monday.... Double Models... male I believe... but only half a day. In the afternoon we will be showing some work from the term and discussing it. Friday will also be life drawing.... male again. Then it's over for the term. I'm moving next weekend so won't be attending TLC onsite anymore. I'll try to make it to life drawing in Palmerston

Path of Exile

So Diablo 3 came out the other week. In the past I've rushed to buy Blizzard games. Except for Starcraft 2 I've basically got them on release date. Blizzard use to be my favourite game company. But several years ago Blizzard was sold to Activision. From there the creativity and inovasion in games have gone down. They are no longer ahead of the game. I could buy Diablo 3. I want to play it. But the cost is too much. In New Zealand I'm forced to pay 80 AUD for the game. That comes to around 102 dollars in NZD. I don't know about you, but one hundard dollars is alot to spend on a online only, downloadable game. How much would I pay for it? Between 30 and 50 dollars I'll buy it. Make it 30 USD and I'll buy it right now. Hell - for that price I'll buy a second copy for my sister or brother. So they lost me. Due to that price. There is another game. Path of Exile. Made in New Zealand. It's currently in closed beta but I went ahead and paid fifteen USD for access to the beta. Path of Exile will be free to play and there will be a store to buy trivial items - plus create different leagues (exciting to see where the leagues go!). It looks like Diablo 2 except with much better graphics. There is still lots to be impoved in the game. Characters need more animation. The player character is very static in their movements. I'd like to see more animation. For example when standing still  for a period of the character swings their weapon, or moves on the spot etc. I think this would create a more engaging character.  Monsters could be quicker at reacting. I found I could run though mobs and avoid damage due to their reaction time to be slow. This can only imporve as the developers work on it further. I like the passive skill tree. It works the same as Final Fantasy 10 with a large grid - able to go into any tree. This is much better then say Diablo 2 where you get to put stats in str/dex/magic etc... Path of Exile allows for far more custom in the character. The spell system works similar to Final Fantasy 7 with spells gaining experience with you. FF7 had one of the best magic systems I've seen in games so I'm glad they have gone this route. So there we have it Path of Exile. I suggest checking it. Open beta will be released soon I believe.

Georgette Monday Cloth

Georgette was the model on Monday. I found my 8b chunk of graphite so used that - especially helpful for warming up. Oil pastel was also used throughout the day, and plenty of dragon killing during breaks. Next week will be the final week.The theme was clothed, which I wasn't expecting. I've never been a fan of clothed model sessions. In nude I trust. I'd be interested drawing costumes but I felt the cloth that Georgette was using just covered her body and didn't add anything. Disappointed. That aside I tried to make the most of the model No colored pencil. Instead using oil pastel for the tone. Oil pastel is fantastic, it spreads quickly and doesn't smudge or cause problems. I've been playing Skyrim. Good times. Dan noticed these and said they were really working. The figure on the left is looking too muddy, I don't like it. I really wanted to practice techniques like this. Capture full body, and using tone fill in lights and darks. Typical color scheme Strong portraits. Must be that pratice from Saturday night. Cmpletely different style then the portraits. This is my favourite work of the day. For the last part of the day the model hid areas of her body behind a sheet with light behind. This cauesed an interesting shadow effect. The drawing on the right is drawn from imagination. I'd like to practice further with recalling poses and such from memory. Not as much life drawing as normal, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.