More and more oil painting has been done. Although I'm half way though most of the painting so taking my time. Liquin + Turps = ??? Using a liquin and turp mix stirred up I add it to my oil paint. Colours I've been using: Colbolt Blue Casmium Yellow Deep Titanium-Zinc White English Green Raw Sienna Naples Yellow Thats bascially all of my paint. What I have been playing with is making gray. No black though. That's something that missing! Keep the colours muted. Adding white  destroys the colour. I've been told to use the oil paint as it is and don't use liquin/turps. I've found playing with mixing it down really fascinating. It's much smoother to spread, and it dyes quicker. Glazes applied. Glazes are a whole other story. I'll keep going with the Gray. So yeah, these gray mixes have been fun. I've made a few types, yellow, purple, blue. All still gray just tints.