Santa Sittin’ here [comic]

Merry Xmas.

Received Skyrim and Rage for PC. I’ve wanted to play since their release and it’s been fun to chill out and play some video games –  without worrying about art or updating this blog. Taking a break once a week is nice. I need to work on a schedule and goals in my art and blog.

But I  feel like updating it now. That’s how blogs should work. Besides – I’m on holiday.

At the end of the day I am writing this blog for myself. It’s a journal of information.

The Reddit SketchDaily theme for today was December 24th – He’s sneaking to your home when you sleep. I’ve decided to no longer make these sketches with Reddit in the title. Instead integrate into my every day posting schedule.

I am going to start using [comic] in the title of comic posts… like this one.

The weather is hot and everything is horribly sticky so sitting inside on the computer is not the fun experience. UPDATE: I had an afternoon sleep so nice to wake up feeling energized and ready to write a blog post.