akl child draw

Here are some recent traditional drawings. It's been awhile since I have updated so this is somewhat of a bulk post.


This was drawn at Fairfield Community Centre. I have been really enjoying drawing spikes. Those sharp edges, getting them to look good.


Dolly drew this colorful character. I love the level of detail. Eyes with eyeballs, a mouth, hair, top (shaped beautifully). Arms. Though the left arm is very fat! Both arms are interesting and different. The fingers count to 5 on the right hand. Left hand has four fingers.


I sat at the Queen Street, Auckland Burger Fuel store with my sister and drew this. We ordered 'The Bastard' and shared it. Clouds and burgers were a focus. I copied logo and text from Burger Fuel.


This was drawn at Overload in Auckland. I used Horse Ninja postcard as reference.


Coloured Pencil and ink. Blue colored pencil and yellow and green ink.


Close up of the character.


Texture of colored pencil. Sitting on the concrete outside and making markings.


Amazing marks from the kids.


Plant in a tree, with a landscape at the bottom. Similar to the landscapes I draw.


Started with the robot and grew. Houses in the landscape, along with wild forests.


I did a drawing of Dollys tree inside a bubble. The brick wall at the base. I was drawing straight lines and not making them rugged. I was told this was wrong and that I should do it more ruged, like the original. I obeyed (and agreed).


Great shapes. We thought it was a snake at first but later relized there may be some rivers and boats happening. How exciting!