Blender Testing Action

I decided to get back into some 3d - taking a break from the digital painting for now. It's been a couple of days since I've painted. I've wanted for awhile to get back into 3d. Working in Blender and Source Filmmaker.

I'll start with Blender. I opened some of my .blend files and retextured the works. The textures used are digital paintings - mostly environments. It's refeshing to see this series of works come alive in a animated world.

All the models had been used before - I simply retextured and rearanged the scene. I used the character as part of the set - creating two large stationly characters. This helps give the scene more depth - often these blending in with the background. 

On the right is a character that moves forward during the sequence. This model has a different texture to everything else - helps with contrast.


And finally the video of the animation. I'll make another post later highlighting some of my learning in Source Filmmaker.

In the meantime, keep doing what you're doing.