Concept Art: Railway

I've started taking the drawings from Wellington into GIMP to produce digital paintings. I tend to do far more drawings than digital paintings. It's my goal this month to pump out digital paintings of these drawings. I have a large backlog - including drawings from Levin.

Here is the first work. One of my favorite drawings from Wellington - the railway. My first task was to ink in GIMP the pencil drawing. Looking at this now I wish I had used a smaller brush - it would of created a nicer line. This line seems too large - not enough thin variation  The tone added next helps this problem...Gray scale tone added. I used the same custom made flat brush on my of the work - with the exception of swapping to the chalk brush for the grass area. And color. For the colors I choose to use colors I had used in previous works - dating back as far as July. I haven't used this set of colors for sometime. For now I'm going to keep with them - and see how they evolve.

During my trip to Wellington I saw some abstract paintings. They made me vomit. Marks on canvas. Whats the point? If you aren't going to paint something, no point painting.