so i have registered for wikieducator. It offers free elearning resources. I am enjoying editing and adding content. Areas that I was interested in
adding resources were tech, digital citizenship, art. Conferences and Events. I came across a course from Otago Polytechnic on Tourism and Travel. I felt I could contribute to the resources on conferences. It's always safe to add links. I included a few links - to AV recording talk and to lanyrd - the site that lists conferences and events. I added some education resources on AV setups at conferences and expanded the section on goodie bags.

Here is the artwork that I have created


The beginning. In the right side Conference and Events is written in caps, with learning objectives under. Around the screen are scatted portraits and figures. A skull with drum sticks poking through. Characters with flower heads.


Continue with the flower head - now the figure has several. Border around the edge of lines and dots.


The goodie bag was one area I was able to expand on the education resources. This is a brainstorm of ideas behind a goodie bag.


Main resources page copy of content


Grayscale tonal painting. Makes a nice border!


Exploring ideas for conferences with the idea of tourist focused conference division. For those that do not want to attend the main conference, workshops, and seminars. Often ran as a family even. One parent attending conference, other and kids on tourist activities. Don't want family stuck in hotel room when attending conference.