Digital Portraits 4chan

Plenty of digital painting lately. I'm happy with my progress. The break I had was helpful, I feel very fresh and loose going back to it now. On 4chan the other day I downloaded a bunch of portraits that I then took into GIMP and painted. This was a nice change from pixellovely.

First portrait:

The reference that I found on 4chan. Pale but decent lighting - lighting is always important!

I started with just focusing on the portrait - and working grayscale. As always, a large brush was used to block in the tone. I worked with the referece on my laptop and GIMP open in my Samsung. Working with multiply monitors makes the digital painting process smooth and seamless. I highly recommend working with multi monitors. Personally I could do with a 3rd screen.

A blue is added to the background for something difference. It was just a grey but felt it needed a little color.

Here I have scaled the portrait down in order to fit in more of the body. I've tried to keep everything loose and just roughly added the hands. These can be cleaned up at a later point. Important to get everything down for now.

Now for some color to be added to the portrait. I kept with just two colors - the lighter yellow and a darker version of the same yellow. Keeping my palette clean and under control is important for me.

Decided to add a pink to the mix, and work on those hands somewhere. At this point I'm just tweaking my painting to get it to a stage I'm happy with. From here I just left it. I doubt I'll work on it anymore.

This was a great exercise to get me warmed up with working on a portrait for a period of time rather then quick life drawings from pixellovely.

This was the 2nd portait I worked on. The lighting isn't as good on this one but I just love her hair - I had to paint it!

'Similar start to the previous painting. Keeping it grayscale. I kept with the same brush though both of these paintings - creating different textures by a variety of strokes. 

Color added. I left plenty of black glow though in order to create depth. I find starting with a grey-scale image easier to work up then going straight in with colors.

Next post will be landscape digital paintings - mostly from imaganation. Need to work on more Java as well - opened Eclipse yesterday and worked on a little but need to get more done. Blender is important as well.

Have a fantastic day.