Drawing around Wellington

I have a new sketchbook. It's likely the most expensive paper I've used. Slight texture, but nothing too major.

Here's drawings from around Wellington:DSC_5345-edit

The waterfront. In the distance on the left is containers being loaded onto the dock. Traveling across to the right is land. Lines above represent clouds. This was drawn in the morning. DSC_5346-edit

The right side of the page. I decided to mix up the scene by drawing the majority of this side in a different area than the previous drawing  This allows me to work on more detail and not get frustrated with lack or detail and information - especially on the second page when I often get tired.


Sat on Coutrney Place for this drawing. Looking up at the lights , buildings, and vegetation surrounds. DSC_5348-edit

Reading Cinemas sign. Another view from Coutrney Place.

DSC_5356-edit Bucket fountain on Cuba Strett. The figure was drawn earier and I worked around the figure with the drawing of the water fountain. This included the grass on the ground. Focusing on a small area and getting it right is aften better than looking at a large area and getting it wrong. DSC_5351-edit

View looking out to the water.


Lights, sky, flag. DSC_5354-edit

A scanner Darkly. Book by Phillip Dick that I recently read. It's great I'm reading more - I want to illustrate novels. DSC_5355-edit

Another quick city drawing.