In the past week I have completed 4 paintings. There is spose to be a 5th here but I forgot to export it and can't be bothered to sort it now. I will include it in the next post.

The following art was created at Life Drawing Hamilton on Friday and Hamilton Computer Club on Thursday/Saturday. My life consists of meet ups.


This was started during Thursday night meeting of Hamilton Computer Club. Linda did a talk on editing photos with Google software. She also showed how to create ecards with the website I think I would rather do something original for an ecard. When I use to have Facebook I would draw/paint portraits of my friends for their birthday and post it to their wall.

The figure drawings are the next day - life drawing Hamilton. I had drawn the model once before. These are the warm up - 2 minute poses.


Longer 5 min poses. I found it hard to concentrate and went to the toilet and even walked outside and made a phone call. Sometimes I feel I attend just so that there is enough people. Of course this isn't true and it's best I just attend each week and have a positive attitude.


The final three poses for the day. These were longer 15/20 minute poses. I did move for the third one.


Started with a drawing of Maddie from a SIA video. When I got home from life drawing a bunch of Creative Commons pamphlets had arrived. This caused me to be inspired to work on ccanz stuff - including drawing of the pamphlets. In order for the page to not be too blank I filled the empty areas with a landscape.

On Thursday night I am attending The Cure concert and planning on bringing the Pi along and drawings. I won't walk in with it but will set it up once I have my seat. Hopefully I get through security with it.