Ok. So I'm back home now. That means I have my desktop computer and able to record my digital paintings without problems. During my time at my Mothers I didn't bother with recording. Now that I'm back I'll get back into it. Keeping an archieve of my paintings in video format is special for me.

Anyway, last night when I got back I managed to get a painting done, I continued my RedditGetsDrawn marathon, though I have been painting from other sources (uploading pencil drawings!).

Here's the work from last night: AF9yj9zhReference used. Scrolling through the photos posted on RedditGetsDrawn I'm always on the lookout for full figure works. Not only did this photo include two people in full view, but they were riding horses! I don't think I've draw/painted anyone on a horse before - I had to paint it! There is also a basic background but not a huge amount to work from. Guess I'll be making a few things up!


Line. I had fun especially with drawing in the horses. Just something so different. I've been painting chickens recently so working on horses would be helpful in increasing my visual library. For the background I've made some basic shapes and lines, A forest in the back with a river  running into the foreground.tuesday-2-tone

And tone. Again, very happy with the horses. The right horse is working well -  strong but understandable contrast. For the background I went with darker tones. I didn't use lights in the background, that's all very dark. Maybe some highlights would of helped?

Finally, here's the video: