Lee Digital Works

Recent digital works - taking the life drawings I did on Friday and working over top on Photoshop. Matt painting was a focus 

This was a struggle in digital. I had problems finding lights and darks in the drawing - it was all a blur and didn't offer a strong contrast. I painted a very flat image - this could of been created in photoshop. Opacity is set to 100%. I attempted to layer but had problems.

I perfer the original oil pastel works. I looked at oil pastels in Frech Art Shop. Consided buying a white...... I need a part time job!

Here I've worked differently. Layers have been used. I want to paint more like the old masters - I'm attempting that with the oil paints - Layering the paints up. This is much cheaper with digital paint than oil of course. White has been a large focus with over laying it onto the color.