Levin Water

I woke early this morning. 6:30. I switched on a episode of The Walking Dead and started painting. I mucked around a little but managed to get a painting finished. I've spent the rest of the day cleaning and getting washing done. It's still not 100% but cleaner that what it was.

Here's the painting I did this morning -

lvn-win-ref I grabbed random drawings from my Levin drawings folder with the intent of adding water elements into the image. All three reference images offer interesting contrast. The right side is lacking a little with drawings, but I can just fill it in with lines. There is enough here to work with.

lvn-win-lineOk Line done. As you can see I've changed the image somewhat, adding water behind the foreground area. Drifts into the horizon. Scatted around the edge are vehicles  trees, and buildings. I want my paintings to have a more 3d feel to them, create scenes that could then be modeled out - not just use this painting as a background - but create from within. lvn-win-TONEAnd tone. People are lacking on this work. It's been quite usual lately for me to include them. I used my standard flat brush but also mixed it up with a watercolor brush.something different. The tree in the middle is strange and out of place. It wasn't this dominant in the line drawings but I brought it out in the tone. Doesn't work.

lvn-win-COLORAnd color. I've really gone off using that red. I even tried darkening it to see if it would help - decided to not go with it though. At least I got the yellow in - two versions of it - the light (which i always use) and the dark (which I need to use more). Blue in the background could do with another shade, the opacity was high (90%) when I painted the sky - doesn't help. 80% is good.

Video (also includes unreleased paintings):

Till next time.