Artwork from the past few days. I attended life drawing on Friday which was excellent and on Saturday - Hamilton Book Club. I also read The Wrath of Grapes.


The Wrath of Grapes and 12 Monkeys. I watched season two of 12 monkeys and drew this as I was watching it.


Warm up poses. I hadn't drawn the model before The model was older but had a slim figure with short curly hair.


The final poses for the day. I did draw the final pose but when I checked my charge level I bumped the cable the computer reset. My final drawing was lost but whatever - it was only 15 minutes of drawing.


Sitting poses. Some I get poses which are back poses which gives me little to draw. Not here though. I guess it's one of the disadvantages of sitting on the side of the room by myself.


Using old life drawing and blog posts as reference and redrawing elements of it.