Light Throw Tests

This week I've spent learning Java. It's been fun and I feel I've made real progress with it. Aimed for at least 6 hours of it every day. I got to a point where I needed a break. I needed to do something creative. Not that Java isn't creative, just need to get my visual art fix in.

I decided to get stuck back into Blender. I havn't done anything in Blender for about 2 weeks and it was wonderful to get back into it.

Started a new project in it (I feel bad constintly starting new projects on it. But it's all just a learning experience.

I want to take my life drawings into Blender and model and texture them. 

I took this into blender - splitting it into two image files and using it as reference on two planes.

This is the setup I used. Reference is very important - otherwise I just sit in Blender mucking around - and not get anything done. Using my own life drawings means I'm creating truly original models as well - no stock photos!

This is what I modeled. I tried to apply two legs to the figure but it just wasn't looking correct - so kept with just a single leg. Guess the character can HOP along! Quick skeleton is applied as well - I feel more confident completing these models now.

To mix things up and learn something new I decied to not use lights but instead light with these three cubes. This tuturial was helpful to learn this technique:

I'd like to experiment with these effect further - maybe creating a texture on a surface then turn it into a light - could give some interesting effects. YEAH, LIGHT!

I'm not going to bother with a video for this - I've only rendered four seconds of animation. I'll work on this further and upload when I have closer to thirty seconds of footage.