Here's thress pencil sketches that I've done recently. DSC_0708 This is the view from outside my home. I was racing around on my Fathers hand wheel chair and decided to draw the view. A fold up chair would be handy as I'm always having to draw scenes that involve a seat! DSC_0710 I have been using a 2h pencil. It's a wonderful pencil and I could not go back to HB. No smudging, and takes awhile to blunt - shading still works alright with it. This was drawn well walking down the road - starting sketching ideas for Ludum Dare - but ended up writing down ideas for a podcast I'd like to start with my friend Matt. I don't know if it will go ahead because Matt is very unreliable - I might be better to just organize something myself. DSC_0712Sitting outside the library. Again - another Ludum Dare logo, this time I sketched the lamppost and large pillar - adding in clouds, figure and tree.