maydog kiss

I've been keeping myself busy with painting people on RedditGetsDrawn. Getting multi paintings done a day is great. For a long time nothing much happened, but it's always great to get back into something that's enjoyable.

In terms of sorting these paintings. I've tried to be better at sorting them into when posting - instead of dumping ten or fifteen into a post, I'll just work with one. This one, has reference, line, grayscale, color tone, and the video. When you think about that it's quite a bit of visual content for one post.

It's the written I struggle with.

may-dogkiss Reference. Chosen because of the dog,

may-dogkiss-line Line. Sketched in portrait of human and dog.Background added landscape


may-dogkiss-color Color. Useful for merging off elements - person, dog, background, floor.