Last week I was lucky enough to head to Expressions gallery in Upper Hutt with Roberts block class. I wasn’t expecting to see the show as Upper Hutt is far away, so  extremely happy to get a chance. Hoped that Roger Key had entered a painting. Disappointment. Mostly interested in the paintings, especially use of color and tone.Certain paintings and works stood out for me - partially tutors that have taught me. I had Karla as a tutor during my first term at TLC – July 2010. She teaches the foundation program. Her skill is wasted in such a limited class – I would be interested in taking a mains or block painting class by her. I liked that she had left areas empty and the lines of charcoal are noticeable. I used a similar technique in Clowning around. Though I filled in all areas in the end, I worked with the concept of leaving areas blank or under-worked. Can be applied to my life drawing as well This causes a certain focus. The detail and focus are beautiful.   Read an article from Marc Hill talking about his painting Carmen here. I  loved the 3d aspect – Marc Hill has a background in stage and set design so this would come very natural to him. In the staff exhibit last year he painted an ocean landscape on a silver surface – an incredible effect for the clouds. I’m taking Marc Hills class this term – on Thursdays and plan to paint landscapes and environments. Hoping for some wonderful. Hill is certainly a tutor at TLC with an incredible background. TLC very privileged to have him teaching. He works with opiate paint over transparency. Fast drying – poster paint I believe. The sets would need to dry quickly so oils are a hard option if the sets needed immediately. Another work I’d like to mention is Gary Freemantles –  Red Dot dog. This was a small round red sticker – and a painted bulldog portrait. Acrylic on paper. It gave me a good laugh. Oh Gary, such a troll. Priced for $250.00 it sold! Legend.