I missed out on attending LCA2016 but was lucky enough to make it to OWASP - a one day security conference. Like all the recent conferences I have attended I took in my Raspberry Pi and painted. The Pi was of interest, getting questions when morning tea arrived.

The drawings from the day:


Leaving Hamilton early on the bus the majority of this was drawn on the trip to Auckland. It was a long bus trip - 3 hours. The traffic was bad but I arrived only ten minutes late.

Sitting up the back I noticed lots of people using Slack, which I was kind of surprised about. The first speaker - Dan Wallis talked about Credit Card Fraud. I drew him with a landscape in the background.


Crypto talk. This is interesting for me as I have played around with hashing passwords with Python a little. Something I would like to explore further. Not allot of drawing here - mostly sketching of words. Though I have drawn the company logo - bug.


FooBlog. Exploring vulnerabilities in a blog. OAUTH2 owasp16-kaltura

A talk on Kaltura (an open source video platform). This was drawn in the afternoon and I started to get too tired to do much at this point.


Full page of drawings. The mornings I always get lots drawn as I'm fresh. Laura Bell had a bunch of images on her slides that I was able to draw. I like it when speakers have images on the slides as it gives me something to draw. The only other stuff I can draw is the speaker or things around the room (AV equipment etc).


The final drawing of the day. I give up.


A talk on WebRTC. Speaker was very entertaining. Draw a portrait of him and took a bunch of notes.

Till next year OWASP...