pi desk

So after over a month I have finally got my Raspberry Pi 2 B setup and running. I had problems with the power supply - 5v 2a is needed but all my powersupply had low a.

The Pi is connected to a 17 inch monitor with a vga to html converter. GIMP is really all I am using it for. I have Raspberry Pi B+ with touch screen monitor attached that I use for reference photos.

Anyway here they are, a mixture of from imagaination and getsdrawn paintings.


Bombrosephoto line layer. Glasses holding camera. Minimal background landscape.


Grayscale. Ignored the background and just focused on the portraits. Keeping it simple and minimal.


Colour. New purple (modifed the red) for glasses.


Raspberry Head creature with walking desk and monitor. Line layer. Pillars in background.


Grayscale. Spikes


Logos. Debian. Raspberry Pi. GetsDrawn. Just playing and getting use to tablet with pi


Grayscale. The three logos again.


Color. Exploring purples and oranges. Green and Red for Pi.


Taylor Swift. Landscape, imagaination. Robot on the left

monkeys-bw  iwillgetyoufool-lineiwillgetyoufool-bwiwillgetyoufool-color