RedditGetsDrawn Kobo Sketches

I've used my new Kobo for more drawings. I used my ipod touch to look at reference photos on RedditGetsDrawn and then sketch them on the Kobo. No color and such for the Kobo but at least this is a portable way to get the line layer done in my drawings. picture7

Character in the foreground with a landscape

picture6 picture5 picture4 picture3 picture2

Drawing from life, a pillar picture11

Reference for this was a print by Dan Ross. I noticed it on his page and did a quick digital drawing of the work.


Two portraits from RedditGetsDrawn.

picture9 Another RedditGetsDrawn. Here a painter is painting the gnome. Doing the job he loves. picture8Sideways portrait. Sorry.

My plan for these is to take them into GIMP and work on them further - adding in grayscale and color