Writing this post on my new chromebook. It's running Ubuntu KDE, a minimal install. Maybe I should run Debian KDE but whatever - I'm just using this as a development machine and to type blog posts. I've tried to install my wacom tablet on it but no luck. I may have better luck if I install Fedora but from what I've looked at Ubuntu/Debian are the only supported systems on Chromebooks.

I'm still using my desktop to paint and here are the results.

First up, GetsDrawn logo take two:


Line layer. GetsDrawn drawn in all caps with spiky clouds surrounding the text.


GetsDrawn grayscale layer. The text is dark with background light. Outer layer is dark also.


GetsDrawn colour layer. Moving away from the retro colours and back into some that I usually use. Yellow and darker yellow for text. Blue background, and new blue around outer edge. I tried a darker of the blue but wasn't happy with it so picked a new blue.


RetroDino line layer. Fun creating this dino from imagination. In the background there is a landscape with a sun similar to what I created in Mr Sunshin game. Clouds, trees, water. retdino-bw

Grayscale tonal layer. Certainly cutting back on the detail and information in this. Tonal layers take time and are tiring


Colour. Retro colours as inspired from the point and click game jam. treemons-line

Line layer. Lots of doodling of dinos and landscapes.treemons-bw

Grayscale. Spend awhile on this, and though I didn't get it completely finished, I am happy with it.