I have started digital painting from getsdrawn. I have yet to submit any of these to the people in the photos, but it's a great start for me to draw and paint them.

Producing these works gets me thinking of how I can 7make the process of creating the works better. One thought was to get the Python script to generate username-line/bw/colour.png and also a gimp file. These three layers would be called the proper name inside the gimp file. It's an idea and may work in archieving each username submission on redditgetsdrawn. The next step would be to send these files to each username. It's totally doable with the Python praw module but I will need to logon to twitter with the script. It could them message them the link to their finished artwork.

Here are the paintings I have been working on:


Guy with his cat. I normally don't draw animals from rgd, especially when there is no human in the photo. This was an exception and I drew both the guy and cat. Only a line layer was created. rgdport-line

Line layer. Guy on left, girl on right. In the photo they were sitting in a cinema but for this I added a landscape to the background. Horizon line with landmass above that. Below is water. In the sky - clouds.


Combo of colour and grayscale tonal layers. I started with the grayscale then added the blue on the background. I started covering the face with a yellow but stopped - realizing that I was still working on the grayscale layer. Many areas are incomplete, such as their body and arms.


Unlike the previous works I was sensible and recorded down the name of the poster for this - IsWhaat. I spent awhile on this and produces three complete layers. In this line layer the guy is on the left and girl on the right. I added a landscape to the background with a horizon line, landmass emurges from this with clouds in the sky. Below is waves of water.

In the sky I also drew the username, gave it a border and added spikes to the border. iswhaat-bw

Grayscale tonal layer. Mostly complete. Areas that are missing is the chest area and sky. Dark clouds and landmass with mid tonal on characters. Water is rather dark. iswhaat-color

For the colour layer I used yellow for skin tones. A dark redish brown for the hair (and username). Blue for the background in the sky (helps make the image feel more complete). Started to use green for the water but gave up and moved on.