Seven recent artworks. Sadly I lost the wireless dongle for my wacom tablet so I have had to go back to using a normal USB cable. I only owned the dongle for a week before it fell out of the drawing tablet when I was walking home. When I buy a new one in the future I will tape the battery in so that it doesn't fall out. I have lost the cover for the wacom to keep the battery safe. It was upsetting for the first couple of days that I lost it - basically the same as throwing 70 dollars down the drain. Anyway I think I'm over it now and just been drawing in my room mostly.


Created at Hamilton Python Users Group. For this meeting we didn't have a speaker, instead we watched two videos from the recent pycon. I had seen both the videos but it was enjoyable to re-watch and see peoples reactions. The artwork includes notes from the when is it good to be bad talk.


Drawn during all you can eat hells pizza. Landscapes, towers, a magical forest.


I'm doing a course on statistics. Started taking notes on it but got distracted and did Pepper and Carrot sketches instead.


Thursday night I attended Hamilton Book Club. These are the notes that I took during the meeting. I hadn't finished the book myself. People really seemed to enjoy it. It annoyed me that the characters did not have names.


Getting back to some World Trade Centre artwork using photograph and diagram references.


More Word Trade Centre artwork - photo reference of Windows of the World restaurant.