Russel Friday Life Drawings

Friday went well. Russel was the model again. I wasn't happy with the works I drew on Monday - just wasn't in a good space. Friday was much better!

My surface to work on was large. I turned a fold up table on its side and used it as a backing board! I had pre-cut most of the paper so the size isn't larger that I'm working on - though I was able to fit more figures along the page. Wish I had taken photos! I'm planning on doing it again (maybe even on Monday if there is room) so will be able to upload photos of the setup. People were impressed!

Here's the drawings from the day. All completed with 4b pencil and colored pencils:

Gestural, warm ups. I've been exploring turning the figure into shapes in order to capture the complete model quickly. Enjoyable. The pencil has been nice to use - I spent so much time with colored pencil, the detail and feel of pencil is different... strange really.

This was a final pose of the day. I had asked if we could do a series of poses. Each pose was two minutes - and I'd get the model to spin around on the spot - holding the same pose. This allows me to capture the front, side and back. Russel misunderstood this and choose a new 'action' pose each spin. I really love this one though - maybe I'll have to ask other models to redo this pose. Bringing a gun (toy of course) to class could work well.The word for this pose was dance. Again - I could see this working well for a spinning pose. All it really needs is better lighting so I can capture the lights and darks quickly. Flat lighting is hard.  

With this Russel held the same pose in each turn. Can totally tell that he's turning around. I'll take this into Blender/3d and model it out. Wish it had color! 

Gestural works. Lots of experimenting with scale. I think I spent an hour working on the same paper so build up a large amount of figures on the same page. I'd like to work with more of those two min poses - collecting a large amount of model rotation poses. All on the same page would be impressive. 

Color. Different. Using green as a line 

Longer poses. I wasn't happy with this pose - back poses like this always give me very little to work with. I had a go with my white charcoal - something I havn't used since the beginning of last term

Another longer pose. I'm not sure if this is working - it seems broken and incomplete.Another turning model pose. Again I'll take this into Blender and model it out. I had time to capture some light in the pose but would like to have a better lighting setup so I didn't struggle so much. 

I quite like how this came out. Exploring perspective with both feet - especially the one that's close! Dan talked about the negative spare - mentioning how some of the lines are working and some seem off. 

This is tidyer. I like tidy. Even though my bedroom is a total mess. I like clarity in my life drawing. The left foot is working well - got positive comments from Megan and Dan about this. The middle portrait is my favorite portrait of the day. Dan mentioned - It's very Russel. The shading technique - straight lines is new for me and I'll explore it further. An exercise Dan got some of the class to do was straight lines. I was impressed by several works in the class. Including Megans - who was using promarkers to draw. I've used promarkers once for life drawing and struggled. It could be good for me to give them ago again - pencil dominates so much of my work. It was good I used oil pastel for Christenas block class at the end of

An last - the final of gestural works. These are mostly done with my right hand (I'm normally left handed). These other hand works are working better then normal. So simple but creates a effective line. Maybe I'll work like this further. COLOR. RAWR,