September Vincents Life Drawing

I'm currently sitting at a desk in Wellington library. There is drips of water on the glass in front of me. It was raining, but it's calmed now.

The internet at the place I'm staying has been cut off but I can access free wifi at the library. It's rather great.

Here are my drawings from Vincents on Thursday night. I had basic materials - clutch pencil (HB), and several colored pencils - all Derwent. Yellow Oche, Red, and two blues.

It had been several months since I'd been into Vincents. The model was an older Female. I never caught her name - I've drawn her before though. She's an excellent model - stays still and gives a range of interesting poses.

I didn't experiment or change my approach with these drawings. Starting with the HB pencil and creating the figure out of lines. If I had time I would go in with some basic tone - looking for those darks. Vincents isn't the best for lighting. 

More works. I didn't enjoy the final pose so worked though some of these earlier poses during the time - shading in areas of interest - attempting to separate the figures from the background.

10 min pose. This was my favorite pose of the night. Having a large amount of information to work from is handy, especially as I work with longer poses. I focused on the background as well - capturing the boxes and chair around her. This is a carry on of the street drawings I've been working towards.

Someone said to me it looks like stars and a moon in the background - and the model is looking out a window into the night sky. These were 10 min poses - focusing mostly on the portrait and upper body.

I'm not sure if I'll return to Levin on Monday or wait stay for longer - I would love to make it to Vincents again on Tuesday. Reminds me - must sign up to Roger Figure block week next term.