Spyro The Dragon - breathing fire

Spyro was a favorite of mine when I was younger. I decided to carry on with the recent theme of painting in game screenshots. This one was suggested by one of my Twitter friends - @bladeITguy. if you have a favorite game or idea that you want to see done, flick me a email/comment or let me know on Twitter.

Here's the painting -

spyroI wanted to paint a scene from a early Spyro game rather than later. I found this screenshot from the first Spyro via Goggle Images.he's breathing fire which is what I wanted. A front view would of been cool - could always paint another!

Now onto the line - SPYRO-lineI started with the Spyro character first and sketched him in. Reference is so important for this - I was constantly looking to my 2nd monitor  Even with the reference in front of me, I get things wrong, but that's ok because it can be fixed during the black and white, and at worse - the color stage.

Some creative liberty was taken - such as a redesign of the enemy in the distance. It's the type of  character that I put into my pencil environments.

SPYRO-bwOk tone.  Characters were the darkest, with the environment a mid gray. I used a very light (almost white gray) for the smoke effects. The brush I'm using is a new flat brush that I created from my stock photography. SPYRO-colorColor. I didn't pixel pick this time, instead I looked at the color and guessed. I kept with similar colors for Spyro, the dragonfly, and the tents. Took liberty in other areas, such as the sky in the background and floor. Just to give it my own touch.

And finally, a demo video of the painting process:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWUAe8zwErA]