Here are drawings from a protest in Waihi and Aucland.

I love my new landscape sketchbook – the pages are long! These drawings are all in my A4 visual diary.







Sketch of Janelle protesting across the street. I held my sign with my legs and just sketched, multitasking. I did several drawings of Janell in my sketchbook – and in return she drew a portrait of herself for me. 20120818-112350.jpg

A merge of the ‘Fuck the system’ badge attached to Janelles jeans and the massive hole at Waihi – Mining! The view was incredible – shame I didn’t have my normal pencils – only this yellow. The line is much heavier than pencil.

Portrait that Janelle drew in my book during the car drive up to Auckland. I always like it when someone gives me a piece of their own creative lives. 20120818-112359.jpg


Henderson drawing. This was at the train station – observing an intersection below. Aucklands been fun to explore with my sketchbook.
The drive up north with Gary. I tried to fill in perspective – by using both the view outside the car and the interal of the car. Roads were a large focus of this – attempting to capture the scale and rotation. Candles. Where I stayed with Gary. This is the view from the kitchen table- Again working with perspective – candles in foreground and shelf in background.
Where me and Gary stopped for the break on the trip. It was a beautiful view so I did a quick sketch. I included someones van for added scale.