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Sunshin aka sunrain painting

Summer Game Jam is currently happening. I’ve made a game for it. It’s called Mr Sunshin aka sunrain.

It’s still in production so expect changes by the end of the weekend.

If you have windows or osx – play it in the web browser.
For you Linux g(als?!)uys – downloadable targz file.
gamejolt (ads)

itch.io (no ads!

Take your pick.




Early concept art sketch, was main reference for 3d work




Digital line. Created in GIMP. Reference was sun 3d model. Landscape from imagination.




Digital painting. Started 3d but then realized that I hadn’t saved off grayscale layer. Undo till back to grayscale. Saved off, but could not be bothered to redo the color layer.

Maybe later but likely never.




Giants Tower

Giants Tower – Digital drawing I did in the early hours of the morning:


Monster Mash – Dr Frank Head


I have been busy today digital painting. I need to make a video game and am partaking in Monster Mash 2014. Themes I have been exploring for it – Treasure Island (Krakan etc..). This continues the game I started for Public Domain Jam.

I am also interested in Norse monsters, and I really should go check out some Irish or Scottish…The possibilities are endless with monsters though!

Here are the paintings from today -

july-frank-linejuly-frank-bw july-frank-lcolorjuly-monstermash-line july-dragon-linejuly-dragon-bw july-dragon-colorjuly-octo-linejuly-octo-bw



Currently in Porirua and don’t have my drawings tablet with me.

Here’s a portrait I painted a couple of days ago of someone on RedditGetsDrawn:

june-smile-line june-smile-bwjune-smile-tone


Today has been much better than yesterday. I woke up feeling good. Even after a long walk yesterday I felt crap. Anyway, I slept in today which helped, waking up at 10am. Bruce was heading into the center at Noon so I got ready and headed in with him. I had my tablet and laptop with me. Finding material was hard, so I decided to paint a musician I hadn’t painted before – Lana Del Ray. Much the same process as my previous color digital painting – line, black and white tonal, and finally color. It’s great that I’m setup at the center with the digital painting! Cheers – june-lana-line  june-lana-bwjune-lana-color


This is a piece I created at the center last week. Line layer was done and I started with the gray-scale tonal layer.

I’ve had a crappy day. Not looking forward to the future.

gonemild start

I use a script to pull data from one subreddit to another. This helps me choose and organize my works easier.
I was explaning the script to my Brother and telling him what i want to do next with it.
One change i can do is change what subreddit it pulls data from. For awhile this was set to chosse a random subreddit that the user subscribed to. I’ve gone back and changed it to a specif subreddit – ive been focusing on RedditGetsDrawn and GoneMild. It’s bee fun painting people on GoneMild – the photos tend to be full bodies so plently of info to capture.
There is also a bonus line drawing of Olaf from Frozen.
Enjoy -








This is a personal request for a portrait. The first time I drew her, it was only a quick digital line drawing.
I had fun with adding grayscale and color tonal layers.
There is a bonus line drawing – I was not inspired to take this piece further in layers.
Enjoy –




I watched the Anime tv show K recently on Hulu. I didn’t really follow it, mostly due to it being in Japanese.
Well watching it I painted a main female character – Neko
Here is the result:




ban day two

Here are more banned works from RedditGetsDrawn. I’ve talked to the mod leader – ItWillBeMine. He is not a very nice person but that’s ok. We both kept very calm when dealing with it. It was especially important that I was cool.
Anyway I am really cold right now. I might jump into bed in a min.
Here are the works. I am not allowed to post artwork on /r/redditgetsdrawn but he will remove the ban if I agree to not tell people to post my art to their threads.
My posts were not getting downvoted (-1 on several) much and ive never seen negative comments regarding my works.
And That’s That.







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