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Currently in Porirua and don’t have my drawings tablet with me.

Here’s a portrait I painted a couple of days ago of someone on RedditGetsDrawn:

june-smile-line june-smile-bwjune-smile-tone

ban day two

Here are more banned works from RedditGetsDrawn. I’ve talked to the mod leader – ItWillBeMine. He is not a very nice person but that’s ok. We both kept very calm when dealing with it. It was especially important that I was cool.
Anyway I am really cold right now. I might jump into bed in a min.
Here are the works. I am not allowed to post artwork on /r/redditgetsdrawn but he will remove the ban if I agree to not tell people to post my art to their threads.
My posts were not getting downvoted (-1 on several) much and ive never seen negative comments regarding my works.
And That’s That.







banned from rgd

Today I awoke to one message on Reddit: You have been banned from RedditGetsDrawn.

Banned for the art I submit. My art is so dangerous that it has to be banned. The harm that my art has caused others is unspeakable. People kill themselves by just having a peak.
It’s quite funny that the only option the mods of RGD have for me is a ban. I rarely talk on the subreddit (or artist lounge where there is discussion), I only submit art.
The comments I have been receiving have only been positive, nothing negative. The mods tell me that my work is often reported though. I wish they would just ignore the reports.
Anyway, I can’t publicly send others art on rgd now, but I can PM so I’m going to keep drawing people and just PM.
I have been drawing for such a long time and it’s a bit depressing about the ban, but I’m going to keep

june-banana-line june-gtar-line june-preg-line june-sis-line june-bstrip-line june-cig-linejune-poolz-line

friday nite

Today was good.
In the morning I visited Verne, giving him a hand with his computers. I need to write scripts in python to help him. Podcast, web scraping and text to mp3.
At Noon we went to the centre where the homeschool kids were working with Blender. Lawrance was also there.
I was out the back helping with the computer room for the afterschoolers. Teacher only day for Fairfield Intermediate so kids were hanging around everywhere. This is fine though as it’s great to have them around and show them stuff on the computer. They act as good mentors for the younger ones also.
We watched Frozen and played with the electronics kit.
Tonight I was very busy on the computer at home and did a bunch of digital line works with RedditGetsDrawn
june-up-line june-water-line june-butterfly-line june-cars-line june-chil-line june-cuzin-line june-dive-line june-hats-line june-hitner-line june-ideas-line june-pussy-line june-red-line june-rose-line june-sidez-line

fri centre

Currently out of the back of centre running the afterschool computer program here in Fairfield. Fridays is the one day a week that it’s important for me to get in at Noon. The homeschool kids come in and do educational stuff on the computers. The focus has been on Blender.
I did a little bit of modeling from last week but ended up digital drawing. Here are the results:

june-zomb-line june-surf-line june-str-line june-steerz-line


These are the digital drawings I produced at the centre recently. I was worried for sometime that I had lost these but Bruce was awesome and recovered the drive. He’s changed around how the computers boot – if no network is found it boots to public on its own machine. This is going to be helpful if the system ever dies like it did this week.

june-sand-line cow june-pup-line june-minnie-line june-queen-line june-nik-line june-glass-line


I did not sleep well last night. Finally got to sleep at 5am. At 4ish I got out of bed and produced several digital drawings. Completing 4 of them – I was tired and could sleep.
In the morning I slept in and got into Mothers work mid morning. Oil Pastel and a little paint was the focus today. I’ve taken photos of the works and will get them uploaded.
When I returned home tonight I produced several more digital drawings:









Night Drawing Sleep

I can’t sleep so got up and uploaded several digital drawings I did yesterday.
It was an excellent day – Morning started with good news for a friend.
I got into the community centre early – 1:30pm. I spent the next hour digital drawing people on RedditGetsDrawn. Sadly we had our /home directory die tonight before I had uploaded the images. He may be able to recover them – terrible day for the centre computers.
Anyway, once I got home tonight I produced several drawings, went to bed (couldn’t sleep). Got up and created several more.
Here are some results:

june-married-line june-bed-line june-STEER-line june-leah-line

line diff color

Three works for Tuesday morning. I’ve continued with just line – no gray-scale or color tonal layers.

One suggestion I had from my Sister was to use a range of different colors with the line – to separate and define objects. This worked well – I used a dark green for the grass areas in the painting. Dark blue for the sky and water, and a light yellow for skin tones. The red acts as a base. I’ll continue experimenting with a range of colors in the line.


woman walking the shores of Ireland


Woman in snow, mud on hand


Short girl, tall guy. grass and trees in background.

monitor setup drawings

Very sleepy right now but had a great evening with the drawing. I have a three monitor setup – on my main samsung: gimp in full screen. On the small square monitor to the left: photo reference. Laptop: Hulu (usually films). I have a headset that I use for the films. Would like to add speaker and pandora radio to the mix.
Here are digital drawings from the day:

june-3eye-line june-mushroom-line june-pink-line june-side-line june-word-line june-pool-line june-skate-line

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