I brought myself a 6 pack of ┬ácolored pencil today. I’ve felt an urge to get back into drawing. It started when I was hanging out in Andrews office and sketching in his a6 visual diary. I was using a .5mm mechanical pencil. I use to own one and use it regularly, during my time at the Palmerston North School of Design. I also used his colored pens – black, red and blue.

I just remembered I have the originals of the pen works. Here you go:


Robot design I guess. For the background I held 3 pens – creating marks with all 3.

The second page. More robot drawings. Pens been fun to use after such a log time with dry media.

Envelope drawing. Exploring poses. With life drawing this term I’ll focus on capturing a full character.

I like these colors. Makes me happy.