ted in space

Monday morning was spent digital painting in MyPaint and GIMP – “Adam ‘Ted’ Frankenstein IN SPACE”.

This is going to be my next game in Unity – extending on from Adam ‘Ted’ Frankenstein

Here is the line (mypaint), grayscale (GIMP), and color (GIMP) works.


adam ted frankenstein

Busy day today – some great drawing and painting (but always prefer the drawing due to control!). Snapped photos of the drawings., uploading these later. It’s always very exciting to draw with children – I can always ask them ‘What do you want me to draw?’, and they always have an answer.

Working on my Monster Mash 2014 game. It is due July 7th (8th here). I have a few days left on it so it’s really important that I get stuck into it.

I have crossed a Bear into the game due to SketchDaily theme. These two works have been created in MyPaint.