Spent the day on Saturday putting together Adam ‘Ted’ Frankenstein in Unity3d. It’s three scenes linked together with a next button. If you want to play it – check it out on GameJolt

I’ve continued the game dev thing after releasing this – back into MyPaint for digital sketching.

Epic Jam┬áis a jam I noticed that I wouldn’t mind making something for. It’s unique in the fact that subthemes are added as the jam happens. The main theme is – First Time.

I’ve continued some Adam ‘Ted’ Frankenstein drawings/paintings, and it would do me good to work on Adam ‘Ted’ Frankenstein further.

Anyway, here’s some MyPaint digital line, followed by a grayscale paintover in GIMP. Next is to take this art into Blender.



bacon game jam 07 – hungry

artwork i painted to Bacon Game Jam 07. hung-line

Reference was a portrait on RedditGetsdrawn. Then did everything else from imagination.







Lights Out – BaconGameJam 5 – Second Painting

Keeping with similar idea as the previous painting. Here’s the second painting. I am currently working on a third – it’s pixel!lightsout-2-line lightsout-2-gray lightsout-2-color