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Currently in Porirua and don’t have my drawings tablet with me.

Here’s a portrait I painted a couple of days ago of someone on RedditGetsDrawn:

june-smile-line june-smile-bwjune-smile-tone


Today has been much better than yesterday. I woke up feeling good. Even after a long walk yesterday I felt crap. Anyway, I slept in today which helped, waking up at 10am. Bruce was heading into the center at Noon so I got ready and headed in with him. I had my tablet and laptop with me. Finding material was hard, so I decided to paint a musician I hadn’t painted before – Lana Del Ray. Much the same process as my previous color digital painting – line, black and white tonal, and finally color. It’s great that I’m setup at the center with the digital painting! Cheers – june-lana-line  june-lana-bwjune-lana-color


This is a piece I created at the center last week. Line layer was done and I started with the gray-scale tonal layer.

I’ve had a crappy day. Not looking forward to the future.

gonemild start

I use a script to pull data from one subreddit to another. This helps me choose and organize my works easier.
I was explaning the script to my Brother and telling him what i want to do next with it.
One change i can do is change what subreddit it pulls data from. For awhile this was set to chosse a random subreddit that the user subscribed to. I’ve gone back and changed it to a specif subreddit – ive been focusing on RedditGetsDrawn and GoneMild. It’s bee fun painting people on GoneMild – the photos tend to be full bodies so plently of info to capture.
There is also a bonus line drawing of Olaf from Frozen.
Enjoy -








This is a personal request for a portrait. The first time I drew her, it was only a quick digital line drawing.
I had fun with adding grayscale and color tonal layers.
There is a bonus line drawing – I was not inspired to take this piece further in layers.
Enjoy –




I watched the Anime tv show K recently on Hulu. I didn’t really follow it, mostly due to it being in Japanese.
Well watching it I painted a main female character – Neko
Here is the result:




side look

I have continued to paint works that have been posted on r/artcontroldrawsyou, tonal grayscal and color layers were created.

This is the theme on EOW: Temple of A Hundred Relic. Followed by two paintings – one of a mother and child (line, bw, and color) and woman looking sideways (line, bw).

Enjoy -



june-temp-line  june-gabbsterr-linejune-gabbsterr-bwjune-gabbsterr-color june-sidelook-line june-sidelook-bw

mum work pastel

I have been making it regularly into my Mothers work once a week – Thursday. Focus has been on building with the blocks and art – drawing/painting. Oil pastel and pencil have been my medium of choice there.
I just sit down in the art area and start drawing/painting. Kids come up and join me as they like – collaborating on works.
Illustration is a focus in the art area – asking questions like ‘what do you want me to draw’, and redrawing elements in several works (houses are an example here). Work that is produced could be used as concept art for a video-game (I was hinting for some Treasure Island concept ideas).
Here are several oil pastel works that I have produced with the kids.
Enjoy -

DSCF7321 want DSCF7323 DSCF7324 DSCF7320 DSCF7322 DSCF7325

ham comp club

This weekend I had Hamilton Computer Club May Workshop.
Every second Saturday of the month this happens.
The numbers this month were a little low – many of the regulars were not there. Though, I lured children into the room with Digital Painting and felts/white a4 paper. The computer club really needs some younger members so I felt this was very valuble.
Giving them a little food helps also – especially for the teenagers.
I worked on Digital Painting for the day – producing several works. I also completed black and white/color tonal layers. People were impressed.
Cheers -









artcontrol draws you

So since being banned from posting on RedditGetsDrawn I decided to go ahead and make my own subreddit – artcontroldrawsyou.
I have been writing Reddit python scripts that gets data from one subreddit and posting the data to a new subreddit/saving the data.

I have also been getting back into doing tonal black and white/color digital works. These are not included in this post – but keep an eye out in future.

june-artcontrolbanner-line june-treasure-line tresure-line-1024x721i

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