More digital works. It’s what I’ve been focusing on since I’ve been back in Levin. I like to try to put in at least a couple of hours a day into these – usually in the evening. I should try to get out tomorrow or Friday and sketch around Levin. Hell – why not both days?

I still need to visit my mums place and scan in some new drawings from my visual diary, especially the conceptart EOW works – Escape the Sandstorm.

I’ve been looking on trademe for a new camera. My old camera has been broken for months, it’s about time I invested in a new one. It doesn’t need to be too flash, though I’d like an improvement over the last camera.

Anyway, here’s some recent digital paintings I’ve been working on:

Portrait practice. These were from photo reference – random photos that were sitting on my computer. I’ve kept with the same color scheme that I’ve been working with in GIMP recently. It helps keep a consistency – a series of works.

Bane. I saw The Dark Knight: Rises several weeks ago. I was somewhat disappointed with it but I enjoyed Bane. I used a photo reference from the film to paint this fan art of the character. It was first drawn in my visual diary, along with Batman, and the Joker. I could develop these further, maybe into a animation or comic. Batman with a twist of William. 
And finally  a painting of a Chch scene. I spent the most amount of time on this. Tried to really limit my palette – keeping with the two blues I’ve been using recently and only adding one new one – a darker shade of the darker blue. Since my backgrounds have been done in blue and characters in yellow/reds it only seemed appropriate to keep to this when working on an environment  piece. I’ll like to experiment with this further. I have several drawings of Chch that I could develop further like this.